Enhance your Sales Process with Salesforce

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Salesforce is the world’s #1 customer relationship management (CRM) platform. We help your marketing, sales, commerce, service and IT teams work as one from anywhere — so you can keep your customers happy everywhere. 

What does this integration do?

  • Create a Lead in Salesforce
  • Update a Lead in Salesforce
  • Add files to the Lead in Salesforce
  • Create an Opportunity in Salesforce
  • Update the an Opportunity in Salesforce
  • Add files to an Opportunity in Salesforce

After a lead is created you can always edit the leads itself or add an unlimited number of documents as needed. 

What data is transferred into Salesforce?

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Business Name
  • Phone Number
  • Alternate Phone
  • Home Phone Number
  • Email
  • Street Address
  • Apt/Suite
  • City
  • State
  • Postal Code
  • Notes
  • All Files on SalesRabbit Lead

How to Set Up This Integration

The following steps are required to setup the Salesforce integration through the SalesRabbit Marketplace. Note: This integration is only available to customers on SalesRabbit’s Pro or Enterprise membership plans. Additionally administrative access is required in order to access API keys and other credentials/settings in configuring this integration.  

Part 1: Form Creation

#1 Create a New Form. Make a section called Contact Details and import the following Lead fields. 

Note: First Name, Last Name and Business Name are required, the other fields are optional.

#2 Turn on Custom Form Responses

#3 Click on “Publish” Button and confirm.

Part 2: Create Salesforce ID Field

#1 Go to SalesRabbit and login. On the left hand side, click “Settings“.

#2 Next, click on “Custom Fields”.

#3 Create a field called “Salesforce ID” and make sure the text matches the screenshot.

#4 Next, log into your Salesforce account.

#5 Click on the cog in the top right corner and click Setup.

#6 Next navigate to Fields & Relationships and click “New”.

#7 On Step 1, click “Text” and then next.

#8 On Step 2, enter “SalesRabbit ID” for the Field Label, 255 for the character length and “SalesRabbit_ID” for the Field Name.

#9 Step 3, configure the security for the profile and click next.

#10 On Step 4 double check your information and click save.

#11 Double check your field saved, you should see the field show as “SalesRabbit_ID__c

Part 3: Configure Salesforce Integration

  1. Navigate to the Marketplace under “Integrations”. (Must have admin access)
  2. Select the Salesforce Integration Card

#1 Navigate to the “Configuration” tab and click “Enable” 

#2 Select “add new account” from the dropdown and sign in to your Salesforce account.

#3 Select if you’d like to generate a Lead or Opportunity.

#4 Select your form from the dropdown.

Note: If you wish to disable or reconfigure this integration at any time you can do so by clicking “Disable” or “Reconfigure” respectively.  Additionally, if the integration is currently live you should see an “enabled” indicator on the integration.  

Your Salesforce integration should now be live and allow you to create Leads or Opportunities in Salesforce through form submission! If you have any issues or problems please reach out to support or your CSM for help configuring this integration. 

Check out More Integrations

A new addition to our SalesRabbit integration platform is the Integration Marketplace. To access this integration deck you must be a SalesRabbit user on a pro or above plan.

If you’re interested in what other integrations we offer or to have us custom build and manage an integration specifically for you, contact our support team at (801) 418-9009 or at support@salesrabbit.com. We’re adding more and more integrations all the time, so stay tuned— and if you’re not seeing an integration you want or need, use our request tab in the marketplace to suggest it!

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