Door-to-Door Canvassing Strategies

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Strategies for Effectively Canvassing an Area 

Sales is about being fast paced and making the most out of selling hours. When you intelligently canvass a neighborhood, you not only make the most of your time, but you also establish trust within the area and land more sales as a result. Lead sales trainer, Ryan Roche, teaches you how to canvass smarter with these 2 simple steps.


Collect Lots of Intel

The better you know an area, the more likely you’ll be successful selling there. Any time you are able to sit down with a lead, get to know as much information about them, the area, and the neighbors as you can, your sales will benefit. With our app you’ll already learn a lot about the customer, but dig deeper and get more personal by asking questions like:

  • Do you know about how many families are in the area?
  • Who gets home, when?
  • Who is tech savvy in your family?
  • Have there been recent break-ins in the neighborhood?
  • Do you hear about problems with spiders, bugs, etc in the area?

Even if the prospect is not your ideal customer, they can still be a valuable resource to easily collect data about the area. Getting general information about a neighborhood, as well as industry specific information—learning about break-ins or pest problems—will set you apart from other reps. The more you know about your surroundings, the better you’ll sell.

Look For Any Signs of Life

Rather than going house-to-house hoping that people are home, look for what Roche refers to as “Signs of Life.” If there are cars missing, lights off, visible oil spills in the driveway, there is most likely no one home. There’s still a slight chance that someone’s there, but you want to play to your odds. It’s most effective to knock until 4 or 5 pm (skipping the houses that show no signs of life) and as most people return home from work at 5 pm, circle back around to the houses that were previously vacant. 

This is what Roche calls the “Yo-Yo Approach” to knocking. After time has passed and people are home to chat with, it’s important to go back to the houses you skipped. This is how you make the most of an area. Most reps usually skip going back to missed houses, but by doing a yo-yo approach, you’ll be set apart from the competition because you cared enough to speak to every person. Having commitment and attention to detail with an area builds trust and recognition with your leads that’ll turn into referrals or future sales. 

How to Keep Learning

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