Crazy Sales Stories to Share With Your Team

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3 Crazy Sales Stories to Share with Your Team From Real Reps

We decided to change up our giveaway for the February Rabbit Report. We asked real sales people their craziest door-to-door stories of all time and the winner received a SalesRabbit branded swag box and a shout out here on the blog. Our team loved reading all the entries and thought you and your team would too! Let us know which one is your favorite.  

Craziest Sales Story Winner:

Story #1

“We often encounter women home alone during the day. During one of these routine cleanings, the lady decided she wanted to buy. Our equipment is the only machine that deep clean mattresses. The husband came home while we were both in the bedroom and him being the jealous type immediately thought his wife was having an affair and ran for me. I took the Kirby, turned on the dry foam shampoo gun and shot it in the air as he was coming toward me. Like a 5 year old seeing bubbles for the first time he stopped dead in his tracts and while explaining the whole thing I filled his room with 5 inches of dry foam bubbles. It looked like a rave. (dry foam is less than 1% water it doesn’t leave carpets wet if done correctly)”

-Jesse Brocato

Honorable Mentions:

Story #2

“One customer was a female professional dominatrix with live slaves. During the visit, her slaves did all my work while i helped her with a giant cauldron of CBD for her dispensary in Mass. My work was with Kirby so generally, we showed off the equipment while cleaning their house free of any charge. The men cleaned the entire house from the 9 foot tall wooden crucifix to dusting the whips.”

Story #3

“Two of us went out together one day. We knocked on the door, this man answered & was fuming hot that we were bothering him, he screamed & cursed at us for about a minute then slammed the door on our faces. I said to my partner follow my lead, OK?

I then walked around the house to the back door & knocked on it. The same guy answered the door & he was flabbergasted & just staring at us.  I smiled, stuck out my hand & said – whissiuu thank g*d you answered this door, because some total a**hole answered the front door!!! This guy looked at us in disbelief & shock & then started to laugh & said boy you guys have some balls of steel!!! We talked for a minute then left with no sale & the best story of all time.”

Thanks to all who entered!

Thank you to everyone who entered our February Rabbit Report giveaway and congratulations to Jesse on winning our swag box! If you didn’t get the chance to enter, don’t worry, we do giveaways all the time. What do you think of these stories? Let us know below in the comments!

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