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Assign Sales Areas on iOS and Android

Posted by scott.porter | July 28, 2021

Check out how to assign sales areas with SalesRabbit

Whether you use SalesRabbit on iOS or Android you can quickly and efficiently assign sales areas. Area management plays a huge role in the success of door to door sales reps. If you don’t properly assign your areas, it will affect every part of the sales process to follow. To learn more about how SalesRabbit keeps your areas organized, check out these exclusive help center articles.

iOS Area Assignment

Please note: It is only possible to assign Areas to individuals assigned to an Office.

If users do not appear in the options once “Edit” is clicked, click HERE to learn how to assign the user to an office, or contact your SalesRabbit Administrator if the access isn’t available on the web app.



To begin, click “Sales Hub” within the lower legend of your screen. Click the finger with the curved line in the upper left hand corner of your screen.

Using your finger or stylus, draw a complete shape on your screen. If you are able to assign to multiple offices, your office options will appear in a pop up at the bottom of your screen. Click the office of the individual(s) you wish to assign to the Area. To assign the Area, click “Edit” in the upper left hand corner of the screen.

Click on the individual you wish to assign to the Area. A check mark will appear to the right of the individual’s name.

If you need multiple reps to work an Area, you have the option to do so. Click “Save” in the upper right hand corner once your selection is ready to be finalized. The Area will appear in the user’s assigned color (assigned via web app > “Users” tab > profile > user color).

To access any Areas you have been assigned to, click the map icon in the upper right hand corner. Click the words “Display My Area(s).” Please note, if you are assigned to multiple Areas, you may click the words multiple times to cycle through each Area assignment. If your company utilizes the DataGrid add-on, please note DataGrid will only appear to those assigned to an Area and logged in to their own account.

If you attempt to assign an Area over a section of the map that contains Leads, you will have a “Lasso” menu appear at the bottom of your screen. Simply click the “Area” option within this menu.

To view existing Areas of other people you have visibility to dependent on your Roles & Permissions, click the funnel icon in the upper left hand corner of your screen. Note: You will always have access to your own areas. The Areas filter is only for other people’s Areas you have access to view, dependent on Roles & Permissions.

Click the word “Areas” to populate the drop down menu. Here you will have the options to adjust the number of users selected (simply click the words “# Users Selected”), or adjust the Date Ranges manually by “From Date” and “To Date,” or (recommended) “Quick Date.” Click “Done” in the upper right hand corner.

Area Assignment Android

Learn to create Areas, assign Areas, and access your own assigned Areas.

Part 1 | Creating & Assigning Areas

1) Click the finger with the curved line icon in the lower right hand corner.

2) If your company has multiple offices, choose the appropriate office.

3) Draw a shape directly on the map. Click anywhere within the Area.

4) Click the plus icon in the upper right hand corner.

 5) Click the user you want the Area to be assigned.

6) Once a check mark appears to the right of the selected user, click “Save” in the upper right hand corner.

7) The assigned User will appear now within the “Current” menu. If the user becomes unassigned from the Area, they will appear in the “Past” menu within this screen.

Note: while Areas may be “deleted” by clicking the trash can icon, we do not recommend Areas get deleted if they were worked. This allows companies to create strategic Area management.

8) Once the Area is assigned, it will appear in the User’s assigned color.

Part 2 | Accessing your own Assigned Areas

1) Click the map icon in the upper right hand corner.

2) Click the arrows to the left or right of “Area #/#” – the #/# indicates which Area of how many areas are being viewed. Note: you have the option of clicking the words “Area #/#” to access that Area if it’s not already highlighted on the screen.

3) When you are directed to your Area, it will be highlighted in your assigned color.

4) To turn off the Area color, toggle the “My Area” to the left. Any leads (including DataGrid) will remain within the Area.

Part 3 | Area Filters

1) Click the signal icon in the upper right hand corner. This is your “Filters” menu. Click the arrow to the left of “Areas” to populate a drop down menu after verifying the toggle is swiped right. Note: you will be able to see your own Areas in the app regardless of what the filters are set to; the Areas filters control what Areas are viewed by others within the company dependent on the Roles & Permissions Settings.

2) You will have two variants within the submenu: # of Users selected and timeframe.

Click the Date Range’s “From” and “To” date to enter specific date ranges, or select a “Quick Date” by clicking on the word “Today.”

3) When you use the “Quick Date” by clicking the word “Today,” the menu will populate options for Quick Date ranges.

Once you “X” out of the menu in the upper left hand corner, the map will populate the applicable Areas within the parameters set.

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