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Access Better Homeowner Information with DataGrid AI

Posted by brady | May 19, 2021

DataGrid AI feature officially launched

Are you wasting precious time selling to under qualified customers? Now you can know who is qualified for your product before you knock on the door. Many companies don’t use sales data to guide their reps, if you fall in that group you’re making your job harder.

Upgrade to DataGrid AI and easily track leads, manage reps, and close deals faster. DataGrid AI uses your existing customer data and AI modeling to identify the prospects who are most likely to buy, making it the ultimate tool for an intelligent sales process. Learn more about what DataGrid AI is, why you should use it and webinar registration.

What is DataGrid AI?

DataGrid AI is a new feature at SalesRabbit. This product is special because it uses your existing customer data to analyze and rate addresses and areas, so your teams and reps can do intelligent contacting with the prospects who are most likely to buy. That means no more wasting time with unqualified or uninterested customers, you make the most of your selling hours.

DataGrid vs. DataGrid AI

DataGrid AI is a new and improved version of our current DataGrid product. If you’re a current DataGrid user you’ll recognize some similarities in these products, but with DataGrid AI you get more information on the homeowners, a detailed buyer score (scale 1-10) and scoring of neighborhoods and areas all across the United States that helps you find your ideal customer faster. These new scoring models of customers and areas is shown as a clean map overlay with clickable house pins to keep you organized.



Why Choose DataGrid AI?

If you don’t use sales intelligence right now, using DataGrid AI takes all the guesswork out of your sales process by helping you:

  • Quickly identify high-opportunity homes and areas.
  • Get the most accurate homeowner information.
  • Stop wasting time with bad prospects.

Selling without data intelligence is like brushing your teeth with no toothpaste. There are many benefits to using our features—especially DataGrid AI so embrace the use of technology to skyrocket your sales leading into the summer season.

See DataGrid AI in Action

DataGrid AI tells you exactly where to go to find your best customer, who you’re going to be talking to and all the information you’d need to sell faster all in one feature. To learn more about DataGrid AI and SalesRabbit, claim your spot at our free webinar Tuesday May 25th at 11am MST where our VP of Customer Success, Mike Hilverda, explores everything you need to know about this exciting new feature.

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