Accelerate Deals with a Door to Door App

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With our door to door app, you can sell more and sell faster.

In door to door sales, productivity is the name of the game. Everyone knows you need to be constantly filling your pipeline, but nobody wants a pipeline full of people that aren’t closing. By using a door to door app, your teams can move prospects quickly through that pipeline and close deals as fast as possible, all from a mobile device.

Step 1: Target the Right Buyers

Most salespeople consider door-to-door sales a numbers game, and there is an element of truth to that. You have to do a lot of knocking sometimes to build a substantial pipeline. But you also end up spending a lot of time with people who don’t have anything to offer you.

Every industry has an “ideal buyer,” and these buyers have characteristics that make them ideal. Some industries need buyers with a certain credit score, others need buyers with a certain level of income, some need buyers who are homeowners instead of renters, some prefer recent homeowners, etc. Time spent talking with anyone other than your ideal buyer is time wasted.

With DataGrid, you can view dozens of homeowner data points from the app and use them to target your ideal buyer. That way you don’t waste time with everyone who can’t qualify for your service or are unlikely to buy. Weed out all the disqualified people digitally and you’ll have much more time for the right people.

Step 2: Map Your Leads and Customers

Outside selling takes place geographically, so every good door to door app obviously needs to map out your leads. It should also map out your customers, and you should be using that customer map as a canvassing strategy. 

That’s because referred customers close at a much higher rate than ones you create on your own. When you’re going door to door, chances are your product or service is visible to your customers’ neighbors. They see the security stickers, the solar panels, etc. It’s also very possible that your customers have had conversations with their friends about your company. So ask them about those conversations. Ask them if they know anyone interested in making the same purchase.

Even if they don’t know anybody specific, you can still canvass around their house and use their names in conversations. “Hi, I’m from Example Pest Control Co. We serviced your neighbor’s yard last year and they just renewed with us. Are you interested in having a yard that looks just as good?” It’s a great way to build reputation and trust.

Your sales will simply move faster when they’re driven by relationships.

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Step 3: Pick the Best Route

If you want to maximize productivity, you need to cut down on time spent doing anything other than selling. You especially need to focus on eliminating time spent behind a windshield.

Most people know how to use their phone to find a route from one destination to another, but that’s not always the best way to do things. Say you have three different leads that you need to see. Several apps can give you the best route between A and B, but what if that route puts you farther from Lead C than you need to be? You’re going to end up wasting time on the road.

With our app, you can find the best route between 20+ different leads, all at the same time. Just select a batch of leads and you’ll be seeing (and selling) them all in no time.

Step 4: Expedite the Approval Process

One of the most difficult parts of the sale is the approval process. At this point the prospect has expressed enough interest to find out if they are qualified for the deal, but that interest can wane if you’re stuck in an approval process that lasts for several hours, an entire day, or more.

You also don’t want to waste all that time just to discover that someone isn’t qualified. The sooner you find out, the better. Then it’s on to the next prospect who actually is qualified.

We’ve already mentioned DataGrid, and one of the data points that it provides is a homeowner’s soft credit score (basically an informed estimate of their score). You can use that information to canvass strategically in areas and streets that are more qualified.

We’re also integrating credit scores and title checks directly into our app. This will provide you with a credit approval within fifteen minutes or so– a step you can easily incorporate into your sales process without dragging things out uncomfortably with the prospect. 

We are also building in logic to the approval process. This allows you to pull different credit reports based on the result of the first request. Say, for example, that a prospect doesn’t quite have the right score on the first bureau report. We can have a second request built-in to check other bureaus until one of them are approved. You might currently be losing qualified customers because you are only pulling one uncharacteristically low score and basing your decision on that.

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Step 5: Use Digital Contracts

When everything has been agreed upon, you don’t want to waste time (and lower your customer’s opinion of your service) by filling everything out on paper. There’s just too much room for error and delay when you’re running things that way. Paper gets lost, damaged, or misread. And it takes so long to transfer paper information from the rep/closer to the back office. 

Instead, do it all instantly in the app. Use a form builder to make sure you’re collecting all the vital information you need and then collect a signature digitally. Process any transactions you need, and then instantly send customer information to your managers or techs to get the on-boarding process underway. 

Any other way of doing things is simply second best and leaves too much to chance. 

Always Look for Opportunities to Accelerate

These are good tips, but every sales process is different. Luckily, our app allows door to door teams to consistently collect data on their performance. Use that data to analyze your strengths and weaknesses and make adjustments accordingly. Our rep tracker and leaderboards are especially helpful resources for accelerating your teams.

If you have more questions on our door to door app or how to optimize your sales team, check out our overview video, talk to a rep, or read more of our resource articles.

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