6 Ways SalesRabbit + Pipedrive Integrate

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SalesRabbit and Pipedrive integrate to form a powerful sales CRM

Pipedrive is a web-based Sales CRM and pipeline management solution that enables businesses to plan their sales activities and monitor deals. At SalesRabbit we pride ourselves on being the go-to sales app that gives companies a new and improved way to lead their teams and now we’ve integrated with one of the biggest CRM’s out there: Pipedrive. See the 6 ways this integration works and how to set it up for your SalesRabbit account.

What does this integration do?

  1. Create an Organization in Pipedrive.
  2. Create a Person in Pipedrive.
  3. Create Notes in Pipedrive.
  4. Create a Deal in Pipedrive.
  5. Send leads to a specified stage in Pipedrive.
  6. Add Custom Fields to Deals in Pipedrive.

 What data is transferred into Pipedrive?

  • Name
  • Phone
  • Email
  • Notes
  • Custom Fields (Added to Deal)

Pipedrive Integration Set Up

The following steps are required to set up the Pipedrive integration through the SalesRabbit Marketplace. Note: This integration is only available to customers on SalesRabbit’s Pro or Enterprise membership plans. Additionally administrative access is required in order to access API keys and other credentials/settings in configuring this integration.  

Part 1: Form Creation

  • Create a New Form. Make a new section and import the following Lead/Form fields. Note: First and Last Name is required.
  • Turn on Custom Form Responses

  • Custom Fields: There is an option to add custom fields to your integration. If you’d like to add custom fields to your integration, please follow the steps below. 
  • Go to settings and then “Custom Lead Fields.”
  • Set up your custom fields to match whatever is in Pipedrive.
  • If you want to set up Lead status updates from Pipedrive back in SalesRabbit, create a custom field called “SalesRabbit ID” exactly.
  • Click on “Publish” Button and confirm.

If you are unsure how to set up Custom Fields in Pipedrive, follow the steps on Pipedrive’s website. 

Part 2: Configure Pipedrive Status Update (Optional)

If you’d like to have status updates from Pipedrive back into SalesRabbit, please follow the steps below.

  1. In Pipedrive, login as an Admin and navigate to your Deals section
  2. click on a deal and in the details section click “Customize Fields”.
  3. Next click “Add new field”.
  4. Enter in “SalesRabbit ID” exactly as is shown.
  5. Save the field.
  6. In Pipedrive, Go to Settings>Tools and Integrations> Webhooks
  7. Click “Create new webhook”.
  8. Fill in the information for updating a deal.
  9. click save.

Part 3: Configure Pipedrive Integration

  1. Navigate to the Marketplace under “Integrations”. (Must have admin access)
  2. Select the Pipedrive Integration Card
  3. Navigate to the “Configuration” tab and click “Enable”
  4. Sign into Pipedrive with your Pipedrive account.
  5. Select your form created in step one.
  6. There is an option to map SalesRabbit users to Pipedrive users. Optionally, map the users and select a status for the leads being passed and who has visibility.
  7. Select a default stage to send the leads to in the Pipedrive pipeline or map the status to its corresponding stage.
  8. Select custom fields for SalesRabbit to be mapped to Pipedrive custom fields (Optional). If you want to have status updates from Pipedrive to SalesRabbit, then map your custom field from SalesRabbit to Pipedrive in this step.
  9. Select “Finish” and your integration is set up!

Note: If you wish to disable or reconfigure this integration at any time you can do so by clicking “Disable” or “Reconfigure” respectively.  Additionally, if the integration is currently live you should see an “enabled” indicator on the integration.

Your Pipedrive integration should now be live and allow you to create leads in Pipedrive through form submission! If you have any issues or problems please reach out to support or your CSM for help configuring this integration. 

Set Up SalesRabbit x HubSpot Integration

If you’re interested in using any of these powerful integrations, any and all of these integrations can be set up through our Help Center portal, the Integration Marketplace or by reaching out to your account CSM or support team at support@salesrabbit.com 801-418-9009.

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