6 Proven Methods for Closing a Sale

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There’s nothing more frustrating than working a lead all the way to the point of closing the deal, and having it not go through. Every salesperson has been there and has developed fool-proof closing techniques because of it. If you have experienced this and don’t know how to save the deal, we have 6 actual closing techniques that we know work below—check them out.

6 Unique closing techniques proven to work:

  1. The Assumptive Close
  2. Offering an alternative option
  3. Creating a sense of urgency
  4. Giving a professional suggestion
  5. Selling ownership of my solution
  6. Using testimonials and case studies

#1 The Assumptive Close

The Assumptive Close is a sales technique focused on a salesperson making the assumption that the customer has already agreed to the product so they proceed to write up the order, wrap the merchandise, or close the deal. This is the perfect technique for customers that are eager for the service you’re offering but slow to move through the pipeline. Sometimes all a customer needs is a stern push to the end of the deal.

#2 Offering an alternative option

While you may want to sell your customer on a more expensive (or better) package/service, it’s helpful to have an alternative game plan prepared for them when the time comes to discuss price and budget because they might get cold feet. 

Price is the biggest reason a customer is not ready to sign is because of price or their budget so put their mind at ease with a cheaper back-up option that shows you’re sensitive to their financial situation and still want them to have their problems solved. 

#3 Creating a sense of urgency

Have you dealt with a customer that’s dragging their feet to close a deal? They like your service, want to sign the contract, but keep finding reasons not to? Yeah, we have too. That’s why you have to learn to create a sense of urgency in the customer that pushes them to sign. Some examples of this would be:

  • Offer a discount on closing costs if they sign within 24-48 hours
  • Give them a free gift or bonus trial of a product if they sign today
  • Be proactive with follow-up meetings and schedule them while on the call
  • Remind customers the price won’t always stay the same
  • Get to the bottom line and ask for their business

#4 Giving a professional suggestion

If you’ve done your job as a rep, you’ve become a trusted advisor for your customer, when you’re in that position they will trust you to give them a suggestion on their situation. This is where you have to maintain your professional credibility and tell them honestly what package, deal, or service will solve their pain points best. 

#5 Selling ownership of my solution

The best rep is confident in what they’re selling. If you don’t believe in your solution, why should they? Customers want authenticity and if you aren’t real with them then you’ll just be another slimy, pushy salesman that didn’t leave them alone. To step away from the negative image that door to door sales can have, you need to know that your solution works and believe that it actually is the answer to their problem instead of hoping to earn a good commission by getting them to sign. It’s time to take ownership!

#6 Using testimonials and case studies

You may say all the right things about your company but prospects want to see it for themselves. This is where testimonials and case studies of proven results come in. Within your website you need to have customer reviews, videos of testimonials, and examples of real-people that are believers of your brand. Have these positive customer experiences ready to share or easy to find for new customers considering your service. 

Start improving your skills now

If you feel like your closing skills need some refinement but you don’t know where to start, here are some basic tips that we give to any salesperson hoping to boost their closing numbers:

  • Be a student of the game
  • Play The Sales Game
  • Study and learn from the best in your industry
  • Remember that closing starts with the first touch
  • If you don’t “ASK” you will never “GET”

Which closing techniques do you use?

These are some of our best closing techniques, but we want to know what you use and what has worked for you that might help others facing the same situation. Leave a comment below and help another rep out!

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