6 Habits to Help Close More Deals

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Most if not all salespeople understand what it means to close a deal, but are they all executing the close the best possible way? There are a lot of different methods, habits, and tips that salespeople get to close more deals but we want to share 6 tried and true habits we’ve learned from the world of sales to get you more deals won. Check out what closing a deal means if you don’t already know and what habits we suggest you develop.

What is closing a deal?

Sales closing, or getting a prospect to agree to a deal and sign a contract, is how reps make their quota and how businesses grow revenue. It represents the culmination of all your efforts. You put in the time and made a strong case for why your solution can alleviate the prospect’s pain points.

6 Habits of Great Closers:

  1. Plan and execute the close from the beginning.
  2. Create urgency.
  3. Get buy-in/value every step of the process.
  4. Research the 4 methods of closing to create your approach.
  5. Bring in all stakeholders and decision makers before negotiations.
  6. Learn when to go for the final close.

#1 Plan and execute the close from the beginning

Creating a plan for closing deals is an expected step in this process. If you don’t know where to start when making a successful closing plan to execute, use Salesloft’s 5 steps to get your deal to the finish line. Just remember to create your plan before initiating the deal and stick to your steps to help guide your future clients.

#2 Create urgency

Creating urgency in the negotiations of a deal is a great way to keep your deal on track and avoid waiting around for your client to decide. However, there is a difference between creating urgency and badgering a client, use these 43 questions to start creating urgency instead of simply annoying a possible customer.

#3 Get buy-in/value every step of the process

One of the biggest reasons for sales is to make the life of clients easier. Solving pain points is the motivating factor for customers to contact you and give you their business. In the spirit of this, creating buy-in and giving value throughout each step of the closing process is vital. If a customer questions whether or not your services will help them, you may have already lost the deal.

#4 Research the 4 methods of closing to create your approach

If you’re not familiar with the 4 basic methods of closing, these are some of the most popular methods that sales reps are taught to get deals:

  1. The assumptive close: This technique involves using a phrase or language that assumes the close is a done deal. For example, you could close with, “What day do you want to receive your shipment?”
  2. The option close: Rather than asking for a prospect’s business directly, you ask them which option they prefer. For example, you could close with, “Do you want your shipment delivered on Wednesday or Friday?”
  3. The suggestion close: If you have good rapport with the prospect and they view you as a trusted expert, a suggestion close is a good approach. You could close with, “Based on what you have told me about your operations, I would suggest you receive orders on Fridays. Does this work for you?”
  4. The urgency close: Creating a sense of urgency places pressure on the prospect to make a decision, especially if you have identified that the client needs to make a decision quickly and is working on a short timeline. Think of the “limited time offer” as an example.

#5 Bring in all stakeholders and decision makers before negotiations

There’s nothing more frustrating than laying the groundwork for a deal and having your client say they’re not the decision maker or more people need to be involved to give their business. To remedy this situation, ask your client if all the stakeholders are included or who else needs to be included in your demos, discussions, etc. When you take some time in the beginning phases to include everyone that needs to be in the deal you won’t have to worry about it later.

#6 Learn when to go for the final close

You should be warming for the close the entire process, but if you want to learn when and what questions to ask to finalize a deal, check out this HubSpot video for tips:

Want more sales tips?

What did you think about these tips? If you’re interested in learning more about sales techniques we use and suggest, schedule a demo with us now and ask about SalesRabbit Learn! What tips do you have for closing deals?

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