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6 Canvassing Tips: 4 of 4

Posted by Sean | December 7, 2017

Six Great Canvassing Tips You Can Start Using Right Away–Part Four of Four

Canvassing is an important approach to generating sales, spreading the word about political action items, and much more. This strategy puts you face-to-face with the people you most want to connect with; this personal approach can be highly effective but only if you have a strong strategy in mind.

Unfortunately, many people fail to realize the full benefit that can come from canvassing. As a result, people assume that canvassing is simply a waste of time or that the investment required to plan and execute a canvassing circuit is better made in other outreach methods. In order to help resolve these concerns, we’ve rounded up some great canvassing tips that will help you maximize the return on the time you spend meeting people and making your pitch.

#1 Put Your Full Effort Into Every Visit

We have all been there – the words start to sound stale and your pitch starts to lose its edge. When this happens the people we are speaking to can hear it, too. This means that every engagement you go into has to be treated as a fresh opportunity to make a genuine connection. Effective salespeople never treat engagements as a rote or routine exchange.

Each time you speak with a prospective customer, your conversation should be fresh, engaging, and focused. It can be easy to rely on a script to guide your sales pitch but if you rely too much on your planned talking points, the words you say will sound stale and impersonal. You can inject some revitalized energy into your conversations by switching up the order in which you present information. Making an effort to engage meaningfully and personally with each potential customer will pay off; you will soon find that you have a greater number of solid leads than you did before.

#2 Think In Terms of Quantity

A string of unresponsive answers from people can leave you feeling very discouraged; it is an unfortunate part of the canvassing process. However, each home you approach has the same potential to be responsive or unresponsive; that is, there is an equal chance that the conversation will have either of two outcomes. Therefore, you put numbers on your side by striving for quantity. The more houses you approach, the more chances you have that a responsive result will greet you.

The time you spend canvassing should also be thought of in terms of quantity; you have to give yourself ample opportunity for success – and success can only happen if you make yourself available. Put in the time, give yourself lofty goals, and be prepared to reap the rewards of genuine effort.

#3 Put Technology to Work for You

Some people regard canvassing as an old fashioned – and therefore ineffective – approach to generating sales leads. Although it is certainly true that canvassing is a strategy used for generations of salespeople before us, as a practice it does not have to stay in the past. Today there are great canvassing software options that help you take a fresh look at this traditional practice. Input your data, crunch the numbers, and pinpoint with accuracy where you are having the most success.

Using a mobile canvassing app and other software tools is a great idea because the data contained accurately reflects your personal efforts. This is a much more effective approach to personal problem solving and strategy development. Perfect your approach with the help of information backed by actual numbers and stats; this is a perfect way to actually work smart and not just hard.

#4 Keep a Log of Each Canvassing Effort

Have you ever been stumped by a really good question? Did you turn around an conversation that started off poorly? Did you fail to close a deal that seemed like a sure thing at first? These are just some of the scenarios that can surprise you in a session of canvassing. Keeping a log of novel experiences, interesting questions, and surprising encounters is a good way to learn from your errors and build on your past successes. This is an especially good practice if you are on your own, competing against peers within your organization as well as against team members of other organizations.

You owe it to yourself to get the most out of each encounter that canvassing presents you with. Each conversation has the potential to be a learning opportunity, but only if you make the effort to actually take something away from it.

#5 Set Goals for Yourself

Canvassing can feel long and drawn out, especially when you are experiencing a prolonged streak of rejection. Sometimes you will want to keep going until you get just one more lead in order to finish on a positive note. Having goals is helpful but you also want to make sure that you remain upbeat and energetic in each encounter (see tip one). Rather than pushing yourself to get just one more success, give yourself a realistic time goal or a numerical goal. Once you have reached that goal, stop for the time being and take a break. This will help keep you energized, focused, and motivated.

Meeting goals gives you a feeling of accomplishment and success. Even if you have failed to generate the kind of successful leads or sales numbers you were hoping for, fulfilling your target number of conversations lets you leave work behind while taking a break. If it is more realistic to give yourself a target sales figure to hit, work towards that goal instead. Accommodate for the nature of the canvassing you are doing and set goals accordingly.

#6 Stay Optimistic

Door to door canvassing – for sales, politics, or other reasons – can be a challenging activity for many people. Encountering repeated rejection is definitely difficult and canvassing team members may express reluctance to bother people at home. There are many obstacles standing between you and canvassing success – but only if you refuse to confront those obstacles head on. Good strategizing, effective tool use, motivated planning, and staying focused on the goal are all ways of negotiating the challenges associated with canvassing. Stick with it and stay optimistic above all; you are sure to find success in your efforts before long.


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