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5 Steps to Set Up and Use HailTrace Integration

Posted by scott.porter | November 19, 2021

Start using the HailTrace integration now with these 5 easy-to-follow steps

Hail Trace is most often used by storm chasers and construction companies. It is a hail mapping application that allows customers to view hot spots of damaged locations. This integration is available for Pro and Enterprise accounts only.

How This Integration Works + Benefits

This integration will import daily all of the maps created in HailTrace within the past 24 hours. It will also make all of the maps available to all of the reps in your company. These map overlays will need to be applied through the mobile app filters.

Benefits of the SalesRabbit and HailTrace Integration:

  • Map visibility within SalesRabbit with a few clicks.
  • Daily Check for new HailTrace Maps.
  • Able to back sync historical maps.
  • Import Maps by State/Country.
  • Set visibility permissions for maps within the app.
  • Access to different maps from other vendors (Weather).

What Data We Collect

1. Hail Trace API username

2. Hail Trace password

3. The state(s) you will be working

Set Up This Integration

HailTrace offers two different methods for customers to obtain maps. One, they purchase the map and have access to it forever or they have a subscription to a region. New maps will then be automatically uploaded and added to the map overlays section of your SalesRabbit account.

Step 1.) To begin simply navigate the to HailTrace integration inside of the SalesRabbit Marketplace.

Step 2.) Click on the “Configuration” tab and “Enable” the Integration.

Step 3.) Enter you HailTrace Credentials.

Step 4.) Enter Your Subscription State(s)/Region(s).

Step 5.) Add email notification (Optional).

Finished! SalesRabbit will now check for maps daily and add them automatically to your account!

Get Help or Set Up Additional Integrations

Please send this information to your SalesRabbit Account Manager and they will connect the integration for you. If you don’t know who your Account Manager is or don’t have one assigned to you but are listed on the Pro or Enterprise plan, please reach out to SalesRabbit Support at support@salesrabbit.com.

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