5 Steps for Mastering Door Approaches

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If you’ve ever felt defeated in the door-to-door industry because of constant rejection, that can actually be a blessing in disguise. Expert sales trainer, Ryan Roche, explains that if you find success easily and often in sales, it’ll teach you to do the bare minimum. On the other hand, if you struggle occasionally (or even a lot) with landing sales, the rejection will teach you to break down your sales process and figure out what you’re missing. Although it may not seem like it, struggling is a gift—it’ll teach you the most about the weaknesses in your approach and how to win in this industry.

The key to fixing constant rejection is a structured and consistent door approach. Roche has personal experience being rejected because of a poor approach. He struggled with having a clear and consistent pitch, so if you are too there’s no shame in it. These 5 steps can be applied to your entire sales pitch; anything you’re struggling with will be improved with this method.

The 5 Steps:

  1. Write it out word for word
  2. Review it
  3. Read it
  4. Memorize it
  5. Master it

Here’s Ryan’s method for mastering the pitch:

#1 Write it out word for word

Include everything you would say to a potential customer. The more detail, the better. Even if you think you have the Mona Lisa of door approaches, there will be multiple ways to improve it. Writing out a pitch from start to finish is going to give you the start you need to build a stronger structure going forward. 

#2 Review it

Read your script to a sales expert or leader that you trust. While they give you feedback on your pitch, be willing to make adjustments. When you talk with experts, you will see the many ways you can modify your approach to make it better.

#3 Read it

Don’t just wing it. For the vast majority of salespeople, winging it doesn’t work. Winging it consistently introduces new variables into the conversation that make your approach too different. When your pitch changes from door to door, you aren’t able to pinpoint the problems in it because you can’t remember everything that you’ve been saying. To fix this, put your script at the front of your clipboard or iPad and every time you pitch, actually read the script to the customer. Now every time you deliver your pitch it’s consistent and makes perfect sense.

#4 Memorize it

Every time you have a free moment, have your script in front of you. Read it out loud, to someone, or anything that’ll help you memorize it. You need your conversation to be muscle memory so that every time you deliver the pitch it’s identical. As you improve it, memorize the improvements. When you deliver your structured pitch every time, your results will be consistently positive. 

#5 Master it

Bring in tone and body language that is also perfect, consistent, and practiced. You should also practice questions. For example ask, “Are you the homeowner?” in several different ways to find the right pitch and tone that will guide the answers and tone you receive from your customers. 

Steps 1-4 focus on verbal communication and the last step, mastery, is where more emotion is added to your already structured door approach. Verbal isn’t the only form of communication, but by mastering the words, everything else is unlocked. Roche’s goal is to have each rep prepared with a mastered door approach that can withstand the emotions of any customer and remain automatic and consistent. 

Start Now

These 5 steps can be applied to every single conversation that you have with a potential customer. Taking this much attention to detail will allow you to achieve results that no one else is achieving on your team or in your industry. So take it, apply it, and enjoy the results. Schedule a demo with us today so we can guide you through more sales tips and tricks to continue your success this year.

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  1. I am a sales representative on the beaten path and I would like to improve my sales pitch and numbers. I’m new at this and struggling. Any advice or encouragement will help.

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