4 Expert Tips for Selling Solar Door to Door

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Solar sales software is the key to adapting to a fast-changing industry. The internet has completely changed the way that people buy. People simply have so many resources available that they feel as though they ought to be in complete control. If you want to learn some expert tips for selling solar more effectively, check these out.

4 Insights to Selling Solar:

These aren’t all the tips and tricks to selling solar, but these are 4 of the insights that we’ve found to be incredibly helpful when going door to door to sell solar that you can add to your list.

#1 Understand your Buyer’s Journey

A buyer’s journey is the first step any salesperson should take, especially in solar. The buyer’s journey describes a buyer’s path to purchase. In other words, buyers don’t wake up and decide to buy on a whim. They go through a process to become aware of, consider and evaluate, and decide to purchase a new product or service. Before speaking with a customer, understand the journey they’re taking because not everyone is at the same level.

#2 Offer Value- Not Education About Buying Solar

With the internet, customers already know the benefits of solar panels or buying solar for their homes, so you don’t need to explain that to them. With the popularization of solar panels it isn’t a matter of if someone will buy, it’s when. So instead of spending your time explaining why they should buy, position your company and services as the go-to option for when they make that decision.

#3 Use the 90/10 Rule

In door to door sales there is something known as the “90/10 Rule” which means you spend 90% of your time in preparing and setting up the sale and use the remaining 10% to close the deal. Closing a deal isn’t just about convincing a customer to buy from you when you get to their door, you need to do the prep work to help the process go more smoothly.

#4 Avoid a “Pushy” Sales Approach

So many sales reps have an unoriginal approach to selling solar. Being a pushy salesperson that puts themselves above the customer is the first to be rejected at the door. Modern customers don’t want someone to give them a tired, recycled sales pitch, they want you salespeople to be honest about why their company is the best option and flexible when the customer asks questions.

What are your best tips for selling solar?

If you enjoyed these inside tips, check out more insights we have about selling solar to the modern buyers to help guide you in the process. If you’re looking for a way to rebuild your sales process, schedule a free demo with us anytime so you can see how our software helps boost your door to door solar sales.

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