4 Canvassing Tips for New Sales Reps

Diana May-Jennings

Use these 4 tips to start canvassing right

Are you a new sales rep? Are you nervous to try canvassing for the first time? Well don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. We help experienced and new sales reps and companies learn how to more intelligently track their leads, organize their teams, and stay motivated. So whether you’re experienced or new, these 5 tips will help guide you to success in 2021.

#1 Develop a Strategy

Canvassing without a thought out strategy is like baking a three tier cake when you’ve never baked before. Developing a day-to-day plan as well as an overall plan for canvassing will guide your efforts to more success. If you don’t already, track all the leads you talk to or plan to talk to, this ensures that you don’t double knock or waste your time again with a customer who wasn’t interested in your product.

If you’re a manager, do you organize your reps? If the answer is no, you’re making your job a lot harder. Intelligent team management is a great way to organize and assign custom areas to reps, keep their stats on leaderboards, and message the team all in one place. Evaluate what your canvassing strategy looks like and how you can improve it, this is the best way to be a successful canvasser.

#2 Know Your Customers

Getting to know your customers happens before and after you knock on their door. We developed a feature to tell you a homeowners name, income, marital status, age, and contact info in any given zip code. This is DataGrid AI. Using this feature will dramatically increase your ability to prioritize areas and hit your target customers first. You set the parameters and criteria your customers have to meet and we give you the best areas to go sell in. 

But knowing your customer isn’t just about knowing their income, you have to connect with them in person. When you’re meeting someone you want to sell to, make sure to include light hobbies, interests, and possible common ground as it’s mentioned in conversation or if you happen to notice obvious signs in their yards as you approach their doors. Knowing your customers before and after the door is a great way to ensure they remember you and put a familiar face to the product or company.

#3 Set Goals for Yourself

Canvassing can feel long and drawn out, especially when you are experiencing a prolonged streak of rejection. Sometimes you will want to keep going until you get just one more lead in order to finish on a positive note. Having goals is helpful but you also want to make sure that you push through the hard times of rejection. Instead of expecting impossible numbers from yourself, set realistic monthly or even weekly goals to keep you on track. Once you have reached that goal, stop for the time being and take a break. This will help keep you energized, focused, and motivated.

#4 Stay Optimistic

Door to door canvassing can be a challenging activity for many people. Encountering repeated rejection is definitely difficult no matter your profession. But good strategizing, effective tool use, motivated planning, and staying focused on your goals are all ways of negotiating the challenges associated with canvassing. Stick with it and stay optimistic above all and you’ll find success.

What are your canvassing tips?

If you’re still worried or want to know more information about how to canvas more effectively, schedule a free demo with us today and our talented team can tell you all about what it takes to make it in sales. If you’re an experienced rep, share some of your favorite canvassing tips down below for the newbies!

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