2 Steps to Adjust Sales Area Settings

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Adjust your sales area settings in 2 steps

Learn here how to easily adjust your sales area settings and limitations in your SalesRabbit account. From here you can change the amount of active areas that can be assigned to a rep, at any one given time, and how long inactive areas will remain in the system before automatically being deleted. 

Note: ***The ability to access settings is only available to roles who have the permission enabled***

Step 1. Navigate to Your Sales Area Settings

  1. To adjust the number of months sales areas are able to remain in an area while inactive you will need to go to “Settings.”
  2. Then click on “Areas” under the Sales section. 

Step 2. Adjust the Sales Area Settings

On the Sales Area Settings page you can see the options for:

User Sales Areas Allowed (per department): Users are allowed to have up to 10 active areas at one time.

Automatic Sales Area Deletion: Here you can adjust how long an inactive area will remain on your system before being automatically deleted. The maximum time limit is 36 months.

Once you have made your adjustments, click “Save” in the upper right hand corner.

Pro Tips

  • For data optimization purposes, for those reps in the field, we recommend keeping the “User Sales Areas Allowed” between 1-5 areas. 
  • Plan ahead: draw out Areas that are left unassigned, ready to be assigned to the appropriate rep

Set Area Limitations

  • We recommend 3 Areas per user for accounts with DataGrid.
  • You may have as many unassigned Areas as needed on the map.
  • Automatic Sales Areas Deletion” will only delete unassigned Areas from the map.

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