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11 Time Management Strategies for Field Sales Reps

Posted by scott.porter | November 23, 2021

Save time to close more deals with these simple tips

We all know that time is money. That is even more true in the world of sales, so finding simple ways to save time and money as a rep is extremely important. If you’re looking for new methods to get more time back in your day, check out these 11 strategies we recommend specifically for outside sales reps.

The 11 Time Saving Strategies:

  1. Sign prospects anywhere in the field with digital contracts.
  2. Avoid simple distractions like music, games, or even people when you need to get things done. 
  3. Use credit and title checks to make sure a customer is qualified right away before trying to sell.
  4. Set time expectations for yourself and your tasks. For example, give yourself 30 minutes in the morning just for answering emails or returning phone calls. Time blocking is a great way to get mindless tasks out of the way.
  5. Plan effective sales routes ahead of time.
  6. Avoid multitasking. Research has proven that multitasking seems effective but it actually slows down your ability to complete tasks because your brain has to switch between tasks. So tackling one thing at a time is a more effective way to get your tasks done.
  7. Get annoying tasks out of the way first thing. We all have tasks we dread doing so making time to complete tasks like phone calls, emails, or reports first thing in the morning is the best way to make sure it gets done.
  8. Follow the “2-Minute Rule.” The 2 minute rule means that whatever takes 2 minutes or less to do should be done right away and not put off until the end of the day.
  9. Map sales territories so everyone on your sales team already knows where to go. Assigning territories right away is a great way to make sure there is no overlap and every rep knows where to go immediately.
  10. Write comments and attach items onto leads directly. Rather than having a different notes app or method for keeping notes about prospects, you can easily leave comments and attach files or pictures to specific leads.
  11. Use team messaging or slack to keep the whole team in the loop and avoid repeating yourself. This is a fun and effective way to ensure everyone on the sales team is in on the conversation.

Get More Time Savings Methods

This only scratches the surface of what SalesRabbit can offer to simplify and enhance your sales process. If these tips help you, schedule a free demo with us today to learn more about how we can continue to help you and your team. Share some of your time management strategies below!

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