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Unleash the competitive nature of your reps by creating unique battle opportunities with Gamification. Whether you want a team-wide battle or reps want to individually challenge each other, you can do it all.

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Reps Battle it Out Head-to-Head

It’s hard for any manager to keep up with how competitive their reps are, especially if they don’t know how to correctly motivate them. That’s why we’ve created an option for reps to battle each other on our platform whenever they want. They can send battles, access battle history and view a leaderboard to see where they rank on their own, freeing up time for managers.

Features of Gamification Battles

Battles can be used to engage in competition with your colleagues in a fun and light-hearted way. To get started you have to navigate to the “Battles” tab and view your profile.

There are several things you can do on this page. View active battles, see battle history, response to battle invites and check out the company battle leaderboard.

One of the best parts of our battles is that reps can choose to accept or deny a battle request. If the prize isn’t worth it or they don’t feel like doing a battle that day, they can choose not to participate or can simply request a different type of battle with that coworker.

Gamers know how important XP is to their profile (and their pride). With each level achieved you receive a new title and more points. With the battle leaderboard you can easily flex on other team members to rile up more battles.

54% of managers stated that their teams are not highly motivated

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