Bringing Sales Competitions to a New Level


Choose from more than a dozen pre-built competition formats—one-day blitzes, bracket tournaments, lotteries, and more—then launch them in minutes.

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Ditch the One-size-fits-all Approach

Not all sales teams target the same metrics or KPIs so why should your competitions? With our software you can customize every aspect of your team competitions from format, goal, and even style.

How to Create a Competition in 30 Seconds

Choose anyone in your organization to participate. From as little as 2 reps to the entire company, everyone can be involved.

Choose the metrics that make sense for your team size and industry. Enter a title, description, how long the competition should last, and metrics like “Doors Knocked” or “Appointments Set” depending on where your team needs improvement.

Nothing motivates a competition like prizes. There are ranges from coins to customized prizes that you create yourself, whatever is going to motivate your reps, we have.

Choose whether you want to publish this competition immediately, or save it as a draft and publish it later. When published, the competition will be added to the chosen playlist immediately and can be sent to participants via email. The competition will then appear on all screens running on the selected playlists.

It’s as simple as that. By taking less than a minute to establish a competition you now have a fun and exciting way to motivate your reps to work. The best part is, there’s no manual upkeep for you—set the date metrics and competitions will run automatically for you after submitting.

82% of reps find efforts to boost team motivation very valuable

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