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Achievements & Badges

Build rep's skills and their incentive to work with custom badges that reward mastery, milestones, and other key achievements. Encourage consistency and determination—a must for any sales team—to earn streaks towards shared company goals.

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Offer Exclusive Awards

Nothing entices a team quite like getting achievements that the other coworkers don’t have. Our achievements, streaks, and badges are all unlocked through hitting KPIs that managers and owners are looking for, making it a win-win for team performance.

Why Earning Achievements & Badges Matters to Reps

Reps are goal based people, and goals are more attainable when there are tangible rewards for the achievement.

All of the available achievements are a great start to get your reps looking forward to unlocking badges others don’t have. But there are also secret achievements that managers can assign an insane metric without telling reps, so when the achievement is earned it leaves them guessing what else can be unlocked.

Nothing motivates a competition like prizes. There are ranges from coins to customized prizes that you create yourself, whatever is going to motivate your reps, we have.

A lot of reps are gamers and understand how much unlocking achievements and badges means for their player profile. This is the best of both worlds since they can level up their profile—earning them real rewards—while helping the company hit their goals.

31% of reps said they focus on building their skill set and setting new personal records

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