A Few Reasons Why Reps Prefer Using SalesRabbit:

A More User-Friendly Product

Without rep adoption, your tech stack won’t do you any good, and sales reps love SalesRabbit. We often see existing SPOTIO customers choosing to use SalesRabbit Lite as a free alternative then switching over because the tools they need are more accessible.

Higher Customer Satisfaction

Consistently beating industry benchmarks and standards. We’ve been around for a long time. Since 2013 we’ve streamlined our products, features, and services to become the top app for companies in outside sales.


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G2 Rating

(229 reviews)



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App Store

(845 reviews)



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Google Rating

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Capterra Rating

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Superior Support Staff

Our support team has a 98% satisfaction score, and we’re busting our tails to cover that last 2%. You’ll never have a call go unanswered or a problem remain unaddressed.

Industry Leader

We serve: 35K Sales Professionals, 25+ Industries, 117 Countries, 2B+ Leads Managed, 20M Leads Updated Daily, with 43M Monthly API Requests.


Enterprise Ready

Our software is equipped with two-factor authentication, SLA guarantees, AWS Hosted, and PCI Compliance for larger enterprise accounts.

Better Integrated Solutions

Never build out an integration again. We have 40+ native integrations and counting that connect your favorite apps directly to your SalesRabbit account for easy access.

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Get the App Your Reps Want to Use

The technology you use in sales makes or breaks your success, so invest in what you know will produce great results for your business.

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What is SalesRabbit?

SalesRabbit is the complete outside sales app. A sales enablement service and mobile CRM designed specifically for outside sales, including field sales and door-to-door sales teams. Our canvassing app provides solutions for lead tracking, lead management, and all your other field sales and d2d needs.