Use SalesRabbit to Generate Referrals

Once you’ve got good rapport with someone, you can ask them if they know anyone who fits your buyer persona. For example, maybe you know that you sell far more deals to people who have been in their homes less than six months. While you’re knocking, ask homeowners “do you know if anyone has recently moved into any of these homes?”

Or, if you’re in the roofing business, use our storm data. After getting a weather alert for an area you’re canvassing, call your prospects and check up on them: “Hey I saw that you got hit by a big storm, how’s your roof holding up?” “Were any other roofs damaged during the storm?” This is a great way to show your customers that you care but also be the company they think of when they are talking to their friends, who might also have experienced damage.

Another way to get more referrals is New Movers. With Movers, you get data about people that have just moved into an area you’re canvassing so you’ll be the first sales rep they have contact with. Ideally, the customer will be so happy and relieved that you found them instead of them searching for services, you’ll have a positive experience and can ask them, “Hi there, just checking in to make sure you had a great experience with us, do you know anyone else looking for a home security system?” and that’s how you get an easy referral from that customer. Chances are they have friends who are also in the market for a home and would love your business as well.

Taking a data-driven approach to the way you collect referrals can make you much more effective, and there are many other ways to use SalesRabbit for your referral efforts. Chat with us today to learn more.

Measure and Refine your Referral Strategy

To truly build a better lead generation process including referrals you have to hold yourself and your team accountable with specific goals and adapt to what makes you most successful. You need to constantly adapt your sales process and the way you ask for referrals. As you and your company grow, so should your approach to sales. This template might need an adjustment based on your company and services, but this is a basic way to start the conversation about referrals, create a positive customer experience, utilize SalesRabbit, and start connecting more with your customers now.

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