The 7 Step Process to get a Referral

If you want to ask for referrals but aren’t sure how to start the conversation, use these script ideas for different scenarios to use with current or existing customers. Remember, you never know who you can get a referral from until you ask. Use this soft opening and transition to guide you through the referral process.

Use a Transition Statement

  1. First things first, thank them.
  2. Build them up: “Thank you for who you are and making an investment in your future.
  3. Transition: “Could you do me a favor?”

Clearly ask for a referral (without using the word referral

  1. Relate with them: “Like you, I really prefer to do business with people who are friends or friends of friends. I’m looking to be introduced to people who might share similar values and beliefs as you.”
  2. Create a buying atmosphere: “Based on who you are and who you know, who would be a good person for me to talk to? My goal is to speak with every person who needs to know about who we are and what we do. If they decide to work with us, great, and if not, that is okay.”

Paint the Picture

  1. Put them in your shoes.
  2. Tell them specifically who you are looking for: “If you were me [insert elevator pitch/what you do], who would you go see?

Start Isolating the Options

  1. Start broad
  2. Identify their circle of influence
  3. Get specific. For example: “Basically, I’m looking for anyone who… (list out as many specific criteria as possible). I know you are really involved in your [Circle of Influence] group. Who is the person you are closest to in the [Circle of Influence] group? Who did you sit next to at the last meeting?

Write Down the Referral

  1. Don’t talk until they give you a name.

Ask “Is there anybody else?”

  1. Do not get a pre-approach immediately.
  2. Write down as much information as fast as possible.
  3. Thank them for giving you a referral.
  4. Ask “Who else?”: “Thank you so much. This is really how I do business and this helps a lot! Who else might be a good fit to talk to?”

Write Down the Referral

  1. Decision maker’s first name?
  2. What time are they home/in the office? “If you were me, when would you go to see them?”
  3. What is their cell phone number?


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