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Help Center Officially Launched

Posted by brady | May 15, 2015

Help Center: The hub for all SalesRabbit questions

The Help Center platform has officially launched for all managers and reps. You now have access to 24-hour technical support. The easy to navigate Help Center provides step-by-step answers to any questions you have about the SalesRabbit app. It also offers several video tutorials and articles that walk you through the usage of different dashboard features. Check out this list of all the topics that have resources in our Help Center hub:

  • Getting Started
  • User Management
  • Lead Management
  • Mapping
  • Forms
  • Integrations
  • Add-Ons
  • Leaderboards
  • Data Imports/Exports
  • Sales Tools
  • Messages
  • Billing

Of course if you can’t find the solution to your question out of the material we have, there is a button to contact SalesRabbit customer support where you can chat with one of our team members to resolve your questions or issues.

Start Asking Questions!

Access the Help Center here or by clicking ‘Help Center’ located at the top right corner of your dashboard after logging into your SalesRabbit account. We want to assist you any way that we can so if you have a question or concern about how to use our products, quickly locate your solution by using our uploaded articles. Our Help Center resources are always being updated and added to make sure we always have an answer to your question. You can also check out our 3 Frequently Asked Customer Questions + Help Center Solutions for any basic questions.


Tony Smith says:

When I downloaded the sales rabbit app from the Apple Store, it only gave me the option of logging in. It does not give me the option of establishing a new account. Consequently, I could not log in. How can I establish a new account? Thanks much!

Garit Boothe says:

Tony, Thanks for reaching out! Our app is not free, and you need to create a paid account to get a log in. I forwarded your email to Ryan, who reached out to you with his phone number.

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