Here’s how to get the most from it:

SalesRabbit is the best free Route Planner for outside sales reps.

The free version of SalesRabbit has key features to help sales reps cut costs and save time by managing their travel efficiently. We want you to have a great experience with our free sales software, so here are some tips on routing with our app:

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Using the Route Planner:

Inefficient travel hurts sales teams because it raises costs and lowers revenue. You’re losing money if reps and closers aren’t getting to as many prospects as they could in a day.

SalesRabbit Lite includes a free route planner that will help your teams plan their day, get to more appointments, and lower their travel costs.

When used in sync with our Lead Tracking tools, the Routing feature is a powerful tool and can supplement strategic canvassing approaches. Here are some examples with some of them using the methods we described earlier:


When you’re cloverleafing, you’re focused on high value engagements with current customers, appointments, or hot leads. Since you know where all these people live, use that information to plan out your day. Build a route out of each primary destination for the day, and use it to plan out your movements. For example, say you have just finished a follow up with a customer at 10:00 AM, but your next appointment isn’t until 12:30. You can see on the Routing screen that it will take 15 minutes to get to your appointment from where you are. Now you know that you can spend the next two hours canvassing the area around that customer, being sure to use their name to build rapport.

Referral Work

When you collect a series of referrals from a customer or prospect, you can quickly plug them all in to a route and efficiently visit all of them. This is especially useful when you have several referrals from several different sources. If you just visited all the referrals you got from Mrs. Smith and then all the referrals you got from Mr. Williams and then all the referrals you got from Ms. Hilton, you’re going to be running ragged all over the area. Just plug them all in, create a route, and visit them all quickly. Be sure to include in your lead notes who referred them, so that you can have a strong sales pitch with instant credibility.

Setter/Closer Model

If you’re operating with setters and closers, routing is a great way to get the most out of your closers, who are usually your most talented salespeople. Closers usually travel the most of anyone on your team, so make sure they use routing to hit their destinations as fast and efficiently as possible. This will maximize the amount of time they spend in conversation with prospects and also bring down their lofty transportation costs.

Even if you don’t feel the need to implement one of these specific approaches, being deliberate with travel time will make an instant impact on the efficiency of your sales teams.

Need Help Setting Up Routes?

If you need more help setting up routes, check out this quick tutorial.

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