Get the Best Free CRM for Outside Sales Reps

The free version of SalesRabbit has key features to help sales reps track leads and sell more effectively. We want you to have a great experience with our free sales software, so here are some tips on selling with our app:

Lead Management Strategy

You need to be tracking your leads, but you probably already knew that.

The great thing about SalesRabbit is that our free sales tracking app allows you to start tracking your leads visually and geographically, which is much more effective than any other lead tracking method.

Here’s what we mean:

Rep A is old school and tracks his leads on paper. He’s got all his information in one place, but it’s really hard for him to glean strategic, actionable information from it.
For example, he can’t:

Tell at a glance how close leads are to each other

Receive automatic appointment reminders

Quickly track which homes didn’t answer, aren’t interested, or want a return visit.

That means that Rep A doesn’t have access to a lot of strategic selling methods that would make him much more effective and successful.

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But Rep B has SalesRabbit’s lead tracking, so he can do everything Rep A can’t and use geographic information to be much more strategic and effective when canvassing.

Here are some examples of smart canvassing approaches:


In this selling strategy, you target areas that you know you need to be (whether because of an appointment, follow-up, hot lead, etc.) and sell around them. This approach is very efficient because you’re working around places you’d be anyway. It’s also effective because if the initial visit is to a customer or someone becoming the customer, then you can use that customer as a referral. “Hi, we’re PeskyPest Co. We just sold a package to your neighbor, Mrs. Smith. We could get you a similar deal and we’ll have a tech here tomorrow anyway.

Yo-yo Canvassing

Yo-yo Canvassing involves tracking every home and then switching up the times you visit them to make sure you talk to as many people as possible. When you get to an area, split that area in half. Knock one half of the area in the earlier part of the day, making sure you track every engagement in. Then do the same thing with the other half of the area in the later half of the day. On the next day, switch which area you do in the earlier half and which you do in the later. That way every house will be contacted at two separate times, increasing the chances that you have a conversation at each of them.t

Referral Canvassing

You’re going to talk to people who aren’t your ideal customer and therefore aren’t going to be great prospects. But that doesn’t mean they can’t be helpful. If you’ve got good rapport with someone, you can ask them if they know anyone who fits your buyer persona. For example, maybe you know that you sell far more deals to people who have been in their homes less than six months. While you’re knocking, ask homeowners “do you know if anyone has recently moved into any of these homes?” When they point out the homes, mark them in the app and prioritize them.

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