California Consumer Privacy Act Request Form

SalesRabbit values your privacy. If you would like to submit a request pertaining to your data under the California Consumer Privacy Act, please complete the form below. The request will be handled based on the information you provide in the form below. If the information you provided does not match the information we have, we may be unable to complete your request.

Please note, if you have multiple email addresses, or phone numbers that you have used with us and would like to make a request for each one, you must submit a separate request for each.


I attest under penalty of perjury that I am a California resident or I am an authorized agent submitting this request on behalf of a California resident.(Required)
I understand that after submitting this request, I will receive a verification email to confirm my request and must respond to the email with "I approve" in order for my request to be processed.(Required)

This information will be used to process your CCPA request and for no other purpose. SalesRabbit will maintain a record of your request pursuant to Civil Code section 1798.105(d).

If you are submitting a request on behalf of another consumer, you must attach written proof that you have been authorized by the consumer to operate on his/her behalf when you reply to the verification email.