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Accelerate the Energy Revolution

Solar is the future, and with the right tools, your future comes sooner. Now your sales team can become the most efficient force possible.

Features for Selling Solar Door to Door

Intuitive lead management allows you to disposition and redisposition leads, collect info about them with customized lead fields, and even change lead ownership data.

DataGrid gives your reps homeowner information for houses in their area. Learn the homeowner’s name, whether they’re renting or buying, their income level, and more before knocking on the door.

Connectors allow you to rapidly process documents and sign electronic agreements with customers on the porch.

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Sales to Another Level

“Use it! It’s so handy and takes sales to another level. I can jot down exactly what happened throughout the face to face contact I had with customers, good or bad. I can also keep tabs on what’s going on with the customer, like if he wasn’t home or had solar already.” G2Crowd User

Started My Own Solar Company

“SalesRabbit is a fantastic software. I used it as a sales rep selling dish network when it was a brand new software and later utilized it when I started my own Solar company. Makes canvassing for d2d reps so organized and productive. A rep wastes way less time using sales rabbit that with other canvassing software. I have also tried the competition and went back to SalesRabbit every time. You might find other software that cost a little less, but that is because they are worthless. Check this app out for sure. Killer service to all their clients whether big or small.” Shine Solar - iOS Review

Since 2015...

“Since 2015…We can’t say enough great things about Sales Rabbit. It’s a great tool for our canvassing team. It’s helped with views of the home layout and tracking leads to go back, call, or set appointments on the spot. Thank you Sales Rabbit Team!!” Ben F., Canvassing Manager, AZ Solar Concepts, iOS Review

Case Studies

National DIRECTV dealer Now Communications shared with us how they produced 25% more using SalesRabbit.

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Sunrun has improved their field sales efficiency and reduced cost using SalesRabbit.

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Sales reps at Storm Guard were able to double close rate using SalesRabbit solutions.

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With solar sales exploding and the demand for alternative energy growing, you want to make sure that you’re fortifying your place in the market. The best way to do that is to have a well-oiled machine of a sales team– one that can move quickly, track themselves intelligently, and adapt to trends and obstacles instantly. SalesRabbit will give you the tools to be that data-driven machine and help you ensure your place in the solar world.

We’ve also created a guide to help you sell solar.

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