Getting Started With SalesRabbit.

Welcome to SalesRabbit! We’ve worked with thousands of companies, and our experience has taught us a lot about what makes companies successful. We’re excited to share that experience with you and get started. So, let’s dive in!

The first and most important step to a company’s success is establishing a clear set of goals. People who struggle with SalesRabbit typically don’t have any goals, and they usually use our product for one or two specific features that simply reinforce their previous way of doing things. We all know the definition of insanity: doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. And you joined SalesRabbit because you want results. You want to sell more. Everybody does.

SalesRabbit helps companies sell more by changing the way they sell, and these changes start with implementation. It’s crucial that companies have an effective implementation period so that they can get started on the right foot and begin making meaningful, productive changes from day one. Let’s talk about the key characteristics of a successful implementation:

Executive Buy-In

Successful implementation starts from the top - having an executive team with direction and enthusiasm is crucial.


Set Key Objectives

First, the executive team needs to decide on key objectives that they’re trying to solve with SalesRabbit. These solutions are probably directly related to the problems that motivated you to look for our service in the first place, but we’re happy to help you find that direction if need be. If you don’t define the terms of success, how will you know when you’re there?

For a lot of companies, it’s helpful to start with something as simple as 10% increase in sales or 5% increase in closing rate. Then you can move into more specific objectives that are crucial to your success with these basic goals. You’ll establish these more specific objectives at the outset as you work with the SalesRabbit Account Executive, Account Manager, or Support Team.


Determine The End Goal

As you’re doing this, it’s important to keep in mind that features are important, but they are the means to achieving an end. What are those ends for your company? More visibility for your management? More efficient territory management? Building a more robust business process? If you can establish your key business objectives, you will be better prepared to judge whether SalesRabbit is providing what you need.

The SalesRabbit Method

If you’re not sure what your objectives should be, you can use our general method to get started. We’ve discovered that success for sales companies hinges around three main behaviors from their teams:


The number of quality hours worked each day.


The number of contacts made in those hours.


The number of closes made per contact.

This is a great starting point for any company. We’ve got a feature set built out to measure and improve upon each of these key behaviors, so you can start knowing that you’ve got a good foundation moving forward. They’ll also help you get a sense for more specific objectives later on. Of course, you might already be to that point and have specific objectives in mind.


Choose Your Metrics

Once you decide on key objectives, you need to choose metrics that will tell you whether or not you are meeting those objectives. You’ll notice that each of the above behaviors has a number attached. (Number of quality hours, contacts made in those hours, and closes per contact.) The right metrics will tell you your team’s current performance, areas where they need to improve, and whether or not you’ve reached your key objectives. We will help you do that through Leaderboards, Custom Reporting, and Learn Insights, but we still need your help deciding what number or event means success.

Companies that take the time to deliberately set, measure, and work towards goals are consistently successful and see a huge return on their investment with SalesRabbit.


Reinforce Success & Build Further Adoption

Once you begin seeing these initial successes, it’s incredibly important to reinforce that success and build further adoption. Just because you’ve technically experienced metrical success doesn’t mean that your reps “feel” the success. It’s important to find ways to show them. Capture the data in a clear and compelling way and make it a highlight of your next team or company meeting. Show your team that the key performers and early adopters are already seeing results and create energy for increased adoption.

Increase Rep Buy-In:


Implement SalesRabbit across your teams

Once you’ve established an overall direction for the company, you need to implement SalesRabbit across your teams with a rollout that successfully communicates to them your objectives, expectations, and enthusiasm for the upcoming adjustments.


Schedule Your Training Calls

The Rollout process includes the actual Rollout training call and another week or two when reps are learning to use the app. Your Account Manager or our Support Team will work with you to ensure the call demonstrates your investment in SalesRabbit and your motivation to implement it successfully.


Plan How You’ll Track & Coordinate SalesRabbit Use

It’s also important to plan how your team will track and coordinate use of SalesRabbit, especially over the first couple weeks. Make sure reps have the contact information for SalesRabbit Customer Support. Be clear about how you want them to use SalesRabbit within your sales process. We can teach them how to use SalesRabbit generally, but we’ll need your help to make sure reps are using the app in a way that fits your specific objectives and strategy.


Explain Why You Chose SalesRabbit & What You Want To Accomplish

Having to make changes in the way that reps sell can be difficult for them, and they may be resistant to your adjustments. In order to overcome this attitude, it’s best to start the rollout with your key performers, especially with 1099 rep models. One of the biggest drivers of adoption is seeing these top performers find even more success with the new adjustments. Identify those people before Rollout and tell them you need their buy-in to drive performance. Tell them why you chose SalesRabbit and what you’re hoping to accomplish with it. As they succeed using SalesRabbit, be sure to promote their results across the company and set them as an example among their peers.


Promote Adoption With Incentives

You can also promote implementation by designing competitions, incentives, and messaging to help reps learn the new process and reinforce good habits. Start with a competition for the first week or two of the rollout that encourages reps to learn to use SalesRabbit. This could be a competition that incentivizes them to mark every house they know, to take appropriate notes, to get involved in team communications, to utilize Sales Materials, etc.

In this and other competitions, ideally, avoid making winner-take-all contests. Design a competition that will push each individual rep beyond their personal performance. For example, encouraging everyone to record 10% more leads in SalesRabbit will require everyone to compare themselves to their own previous performance, not to that of top performers. Make sure that everyone can be a winner.


Watch Indicators. Look For Ways To Improve

One of the purposes of our product is to grant you visibility into a wide range of rep performance indicators. As you work to implement SalesRabbit over the first few months, pay careful attention to these indicators, look for areas where your team most needs improvement, and create competitions that address those weaknesses.

Last Takeaway

The first few weeks with SalesRabbit can really set the tone for your relationship with the product going forward. A successful rollout can help you see meaningful results quickly and enjoy the benefits of a data-driven sales approach.

We’re excited and willing to help as much as possible during this process. We look forward to seeing the successes and growth you’ll experience. Of course, don’t hesitate at all to reach out at any point during the process.

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