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Build and Manage Successful Teams

Being successful in pest control sales requires strong teams that sell quickly and effectively. SalesRabbit is designed to eliminate all the friction reps and managers experience in the field, so that you can make everyone’s life easier and more productive. Your teams will be grateful for the upgrade.

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Top Features Provide the Ideal Rep Experience

When you run with SalesRabbit, everything gets infinitely easier for your reps. They can find deals more effectively. They can give stronger pitches. They gain data-driven insight into their performance and can consistently improve. They can close those deals faster and with more confidence. All this translates to happier teams, which makes recruiting and retaining reps much less challenging.

Scale Intelligently

It’s crucial for pest control companies to quickly and confidently grow their sales teams. This requires a solution that can effectively recruit new reps, onboard them quickly, train them systematically, and make the whole process feel intuitive.

And don’t worry — we’re ready for your teams to grow. We’ve got everything you need to manage large teams within SalesRabbit. You have access to user and organization management tools including user permissions, lead ownership, and more. You’ll get daily insight into the operation of your teams and can communicate quickly with all of them.

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Competitive Gamification

Studies consistently show that the best way to motivate sales teams is through competition. But that can get complicated when you’re dealing with multiple teams across multiple areas. Luckily, SalesRabbit has a built-in leaderboard system that consolidates all your rep performance information and makes it easy to track and reward.

Leaderboards are presented directly in the app and updated frequently, so reps can also track each other’s performance. This keeps them engaged throughout the day as they strive to top be a top performer. You can also track several KPIs and adapt your competitions to encourage specific behaviors, such as most doors knocked or most presentations given.

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Lead Management and Customer Mapping

Pest companies work across different locations- it only makes sense that they should track their leads the same way. SalesRabbit maps out all your leads and areas, so you can quickly view what needs to be done and where. It’s great for managers who want to save time with the tedious managerial tasks, and it’s great for reps who want to canvass quickly and strategically.

Speaking of strategy, we also map out all of your current customers. That means you can clover-leaf around them, drop their names with the neighbors, or use their customer information to craft similar offerings to everyone else in the area.

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Digital Sales Materials

Images and videos communicate more powerfully than words alone, so we help you incorporate more of them into your pitch. If you’ve already got digital marketing or sales assets, upload them directly into the app for use in the field. If not, we’ve got a built-in pest photo index, sketch tool, and more to help increase engagement with your prospects.

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Featured Integrations


PestPac offers a package of solutions to meet all your pest control business needs. Whether you need help automating marketing processes, saving hours while scheduling, or increasing your customer engagement, they have a tool for you.

Our integration allows you to submit agreement info, schedule appointments, and send data back and forth to keep everything consistent in both platforms.


ServSuite pest control software brings your business into the future with marketing, management, reporting, mobile and supporting features.

Our integration bridges the gap between front and back office, making it easier than ever to get orders from the field serviced quickly and accurately.


PestRoutes offers Sales and billing, Route optimization. technician scheduling, office management, and pest control reporting.

PestRoutes provides the tools small through large pest control businesses need to grow.

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What is SalesRabbit?

SalesRabbit is the complete outside sales app. A sales enablement service and mobile CRM designed specifically for outside sales, including field sales and door-to-door sales teams. Our canvassing app provides solutions for lead tracking, lead management, and all your other field sales and d2d needs.