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Successfully running a contractor services business is no easy task, and a lot of companies fail because they have poor visibility, low accountability, and a hard time finding new business.

We offer a complete toolset that will resolve all these issues for you, and help you create a strong, thriving sales team. You’ll love spending your time providing quality service to your customers without having to worry about finding the next job.

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sales materials

One of the most crucial aspects of a strong sales operation is an engaging pitch. For the modern buyer, that means an interactive, digital experience.

Don’t worry if that sounds intimidating— we make it easy to upload all your assets for easy access in the field. Your reps will have everything they need to give their best pitch, and you’ll see the difference in your numbers.

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No more wasting time with unqualified prospects. DataGrid AI provides you with homeowner information so that you can identify and target your ideal customers.

We provide you with several data points, including renter/owner status, home value, soft credit score, age, marital status, and other crucial pieces of information that help your reps and managers be better sellers in the field.

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For those of you who do restoration roofing, our new weather product is the best way to make sure you beat any competition to the damaged houses.

Instead of wasting time and money waiting for customers with weather damage to come to you, use our in-app weather overlays that show you where the hail and wind will be and process the weather damage faster with claims ready reports.

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As you probably already know, most people are willing to update and spend money when they first move into a new home.

That’s why we created a service to deliver those leads directly to you. As soon as a home is listed, removed, pending, or closed you’ll get the customer’s information so you can be the first home improvement specialist to knock on their door.

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digital contracts

Signing paper contracts is a thing of the past. Instead, try digital contracts—the easiest way to sign a customer up anytime, anywhere.

Our form builder and contract creator makes it possible for every sales team to go completely digital and completely mobile. Shed your paper costs, eliminate data entry errors, collect electronic signatures, and accelerate your sales.

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customer locator

Strong customer relationships are a gold mine. You’ve got tons of customer information, but are you using it strategically?

We can import your data and map out your customers so that you can easily incorporate them into your daily process. Use it for service routes, market strategy, or even lead generation. A few minutes spent with customers can easily result in referrals that lead to your next big job.

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For outside sales teams, travel is often the biggest drain on their time and their resources.

Our routing system will help you save on time and costs and make it easy for you and your reps to get where they need to be in the most efficient way possible. Simply select the leads, jobs, or customers that you want to visit and we’ll map out your day and set you up for success.

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custom fields

The more you know, the more you’ll sell. Unfortunately, contractors are usually tracking industry-specific information about their leads and customers, and not every tracking service is prepared for that.

Luckily, we’ve got built-in fields that you can customize to collect whatever information you need to collect in your conversations. Having this information makes it much easier to nurture and sell prospects, because you can treat them as individuals and not just a general lead with general needs.

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Marketsharp is one of the biggest CRMs in the contracting business, and they do a great job of simplifying the sales process.

Our integration with them allows you to sync all your lead information between apps so you can automate most of your work and rest well knowing your data is consistent across platforms.

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JobNimbus helps you manage all your projects, contacts, and tasks, so you don’t have to. We’ve made it possible to transfer all your lead data and appointments between the two platforms, ensuring everything runs smoothly.

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Acculynx has a whole stack of features designed to help contractors manage all their business objectives. Combine it with SalesRabbit and you’ll be able to map everything out and accelerate your teams. It’s easy to transfer all your lead data between platforms, too, so you don’t need to worry about duplicate data errors.

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What is SalesRabbit?

SalesRabbit is the complete outside sales app. A sales enablement service and mobile CRM designed specifically for outside sales, including field sales and door-to-door sales teams. Our canvassing app provides solutions for lead tracking, lead management, and all your other field sales and d2d needs.