Why Door-to-Door Sales?

Zac Kerr

Why Door-to-Door Sales?

Door-to-door marketing is a growing force in the modern economy. Whether you’re a young student or graduate who’s looking to start building wealth, or a company who’s looking for alternative marketing strategies, here’s why you should seriously consider door-to-door sales as a strong option.

Personal Development

For individuals and young professionals, door-to-door sales provides a lot of opportunities to develop attributes that are crucial to your success in the business world.

First, door-to-door salespeople quickly learn that they’re going to have to handle rejection if they want to be successful. Obviously, this lesson is applicable to all aspects of life– we’re going to experience rejection in our relationships, careers, educations, and everything in between. But door-to-door sales teaches how to handle that rejection, build upon it, and move past it until you find yourself in a better situation.

Salespeople who spend a lot of time going door-to-door usually stay in the industry because they love that their compensation is directly correlated with their effort. In salaried positions, you may get the occasional raise for good performance, but you technically will be paid the same for 75% effort as you will for 100% effort. In field sales, however, you’re rewarded almost exactly as much as the amount of effort you’re putting in. This encourages salespeople to develop a relentless work ethic that will continue with them whether they choose to stay in sales or not.

Salespeople also learn how to truly sell themselves as well as their products. This is a crucial skill that everyone needs to acquire if they want to be successful. It doesn’t matter what career path you take or what you hope to accomplish in life– if you can’t persuade others to invest in you or your ideas, you’re going to fall short of what you hope to accomplish.

Marketing Strategy

For businesses, door-to-door sales can provide a unique opportunity to market a product in a more direct, efficient way and reach markets that aren’t going to be reached otherwise.

Door-to-door sales is usually praised as a good option for businesses because modern society has become so good at avoiding being advertised to. You can hide or skip most internet ads, and radio and television ads are reaching fewer people than ever as streaming services such as Netflix or Spotify take over the entertainment market. With door-to-door sales, you may not be talking to someone at every door, but chances are you’re going to generate more conversations with potential customers than you would otherwise.

These conversations are also much more valuable for you because you’re going to be able to adapt to your potential clients’ concerns on the spot. With a TV or internet ad, you just have a small window to show a blanket message that is trying to reach a huge group of people and communicate with them effectively. That is practically impossible to do. With door-to-door sales, you can treat each client as an individual and respond to their concerns effectively and immediately.

You also get the opportunity to respond to their product concerns as well. Some companies pay a lot of money to do market research– they hire survey companies or focus groups or other services that help them know how people genuinely feel about their product. None of these services can really compete with the market research that door-to-door sales provides, because in the field you’re getting flooded with unfiltered opinions from real potential clients.

There are several other benefits based on your industry type. Most door-to-door companies sell the way they do because it is the most effective sales strategy for them. For example, a roof replacement or repair sales rep can be much more targeted with their approach if they’re going door to door and offering specific help to people based on the condition of their roof. Home security sales people gain a similar benefit, since they can direct their pitch based on whether or not a potential client has a current security service or lives in a rougher neighborhood.

More and more industries each year are discovering the benefits of door-to-door sales, and the direct sales industry is growing each year, bringing in almost $30 billion in sales last year alone.

If you’d like to learn more about how to build an effective door-to-door sales team or how our technology can help, check out other articles on our insights blog or schedule a live demo with one of our sales advisors.

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