What’s in Store for Door-to-Door Sales?

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What the sales industry looks like post-Covid 19

The Wolf of Wall Street, Jordan Belfort, recently interviewed popular sales personality, Sam Taggart, about his thoughts on the future of D2D sales. Sam Taggart is the founder of The D2D Association & D2DCon, as well as a well-regarded speaker, author, podcaster, & CEO of The D2D Experts.

Taggart consults businesses nationwide on creating, implementing, and growing door-to-door and in-person sales programs. After being recognized as one of the top personal alarm sales reps in the country (as the VP of Solcius, managing millions in sales per month), Taggart felt compelled to create something greater, leading to the launch of D2Dcon.

He has a strong passion for influencing and leading others. His personal mission is to unify, uplevel, and bring honor, and integrity to the D2D industry. Belfort and Taggart are both influential names in the sales game that can give us all instruction on what they think the future of D2D will look like.

Belfort and Taggart also give their advice on where you should start if you want to get into sales, strategies you can use to 2X your sales income, getting past gatekeepers, & why you may be losing business before you even open up your mouth.


Sales Strategies for the Future

Off the jump, Taggart explains why you need to make the most of your downtime while the quarantine is still in effect. There is resistance with clients now when knocking door to door, but Taggart says that despite being in a post-covid world, there are states that are getting back to normal and others that are still locked down.

Where you knock plays a key role in how well you do, but a lot of companies are using remote work as their normal operations so you’ll find more people home and pexople looking for employment. There will need to be a different approach with covid. But just because there are no handshakes and social distancing, there is still opportunity to catch potential clients at home.

Are you worried about not being able to connect to a client with half of your face covered with a mask?

Taggart offers a solution. In the first 5 seconds of meeting someone, show that you care about them by approaching the situation with ultimate sensitivity because you don’t know who’s on the other side of the door. Within the first 10 seconds you can read their body language and change your approach to how they react to you maintaining social distance and wearing a mask. Show respect to your client immediately and adjust your pitch to their personality and body language.

According to Taggart, selling is a mindset. Some reps lose the door before they even knock the door. Having the confidence that you can make a good impression with the client is half the battle, selling door-to-door is a learnable skill that needs to be conquered in the mind first.

Taggart’s D2D Formula:

  • Reps x Opportunities x Closing Percentage= Money

This formula is not very complicated but is the best approach that Sam Taggart uses and recommends. Whether you’re B2B or D2D, Taggart recommends getting a lot of sales reps to contact an area in a high volume. This creates more opportunities through referrals and closing a lot of those sales leads to high revenue. This meaningful strategy has success across all sales industries from solar to pest control. Taggart also explains that re-knocking is a very underutilized practice. Using sales territory mapping is a great way to keep track of a neighborhood you’ve already contacted so you know exactly which homes are eager to talk to you and which doors you should avoid.

Act Now

Even though the sales game has changed with COVID-19, that doesn’t mean that you should stop selling. It’s time to adapt and rise to the challenge of this worldwide pandemic. Using sales materials and interviews like this one will help you keep up in a sales game that is always changing. The future of sales is uncertain, but resources like the Wolf of Wall Street help you to keep learning and leading and finding success.

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