Use Weather Data to Optimize your Sales Process

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Storm Data That Takes You Where the Deals Are

We’ve officially launched our new Weather feature. We now provide everything you need to find and close deals in areas where roofs or other property have experienced damage from wind or hail. Our map overlays are generated seamlessly in the SalesRabbit app so you can quickly pull up storm data and go to high-opportunity areas without worrying about integrations.

Fast, Insightful Map Overlays

It doesn’t matter where you sell, there’s always going to be a use for storm data. Luckily this product goes with you anywhere in the US providing all the information and lead specific reports you’ll need:

  • 3 map types: hail size, hail probability, and wind gusts. 
  • Historic weather maps going back over two years.
  • Unlimited map overlays and reports.
  • Responsive weather notifications. 
  • Address specific weather reports sent in minutes.
  • Nationwide coverage.

These are the current features of Weather but more functions will be coming soon as we continue to improve this useful product.

How to Use Weather

If you’re interested in using Weather, check out this sneak peek of everything this product can do. If you’re interested in a walk-through of this add on, sign up for a free demo with our talented team.

Our solution directly addresses these problems by bringing weather data into our app without any outside integration that the customer is responsible for. Stop wasting time and resources on multiple solutions. We bring it all together so that you can view storm maps, draw and assign areas, track leads, and close deals—all in the same app.

Try Weather Today

It’s much easier to incorporate weather data and build a smarter, more effective sales process now so don’t waste your time or money anymore. Get started with our Weather product now by visiting

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