Use Real Estate Farming Technology to Target Leads

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Learn how to become the go-to agent in your neighborhood with farming technology

Most of the time when people hear the word “farming” they think of agriculture, or growing crops in a wide open field. Rather than nurturing crops, there’s a new way to nurture sales leads, and that’s with real estate farming. If you’ve never heard of real estate farming, now’s your chance to learn all about what it is, what to consider, and how to start using it. 

What is Real Estate Farming?

Real estate farming is a process where an agent or company uses the majority of their marketing and sales resources to a single geographic location. A geographic location includes: houses, neighborhoods, towns, counties, etc. The biggest attraction for real estate farming is to create a strong presence and awareness of the services you offer to a specific group of people. If you’re considering trying real estate farming, ask yourself the following questions when looking into your areas.

What to Consider When Choosing Where to Farm

Now that you know exactly what real estate farming is, ask yourself the following questions to see where your starting point is:

  1. What type of clients are you trying to find?
  2. Where have you had previous success?
  3. Evaluate the demographics: age, sex, marital staus, etc. of each area you’re considering.
  4. Start in an intentionally small area.
  5. What neighborhoods are popular and have homes that sell?

There are a lot more things to consider when you’re looking into real estate farming, but these are some of the basic questions that need to be answered before you should start working in a neighborhood. 

Plant Seeds For Your Business

Now that you’ve considered the big questions to ask before starting your farming, see how to make your first concrete step. Targeted marketing efforts are necessary to succeeding in real estate farming. Before entering your selected farming area, plant the seed of your name and service. If a resident has seen you previously in an ad online or physical, you’ll have established credibility and recognition. The fastest way to direct your marketing attention is with tools like Datagrid and targeted Facebook ads. These ads need to have:

  • A purpose, explain to them why and how you could improve their life with your service.
  • Specific call to action. A message or ad will fall flat without some call to action at the end. Using actions will push these leads through your sales funnel and closer to becoming actual clients.
  • An appropriate amount of stats. Stats are a useful and measurable way to prove that your service will be more beneficial to them than another company’s. 

When you have thought out, area specific ads generated and released to potential customers before you go cold knocking, your chances of nailing the sale and being more memorable increases dramatically. 

Get to Farming!

Even if this is a new or scary idea for you and your company, give it a shot and consider the benefits of pre-screening an area and then using all of your resources there to be successful one neighborhood at a time. Now you can enjoy free real estate CRM software from SalesRabbit. Just download the app to keep track of your contacts when real estate prospecting and farming. If you need help developing a way to track a neighborhood, schedule a free demo now to learn how you can be more successful in real estate prospecting.

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