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All too often, sales reps are so eager for the sale that sometimes they forget to put in enough time to evaluate their customer and their needs and they lose out on the trust that can be earned. Well to remedy this common issue, our Head of Customer Success, Mike Hilverda, sits down with Ben Hodson of JobNimbus to discuss insights for reps and managers to employ with their  customers. Check out the highlights and the full video below.

Discover Your Customers Needs

When you first contact a customer and they mention something such as a damaged roof or pest problems, that’s the first indication that they’re a great customer for you, however, Mike mentions that this is only the first layer of discovery. The more discovery you do not only increases the likelihood of making that person a customer but also increases your ability to sell them on a better product with more of a long term relationship and overall better result.

Here are some questions and insights shared to help you dive deeper with a customer in that discovery process:

  • What does that look like?
  • Why do you want that?
  • What is your end goal to meet your needs?
  • Keep asking “why?” until you reach the root of their problem.

By not asking these questions to get to the root of your customers’ needs, you’re losing out on the rapport and trust that is essential to being an above average sales rep. The value of your product is a portion of what you’re selling. In order to be set apart from your competitors, you need to provide your customers with valuable insights as opposed to just a service or product.

A rule of thumb they share is to ask at least 5 questions when discovering your customers’ needs. However, this can vary, but Mike says if the answer is still a means to an end and not the actual problem, keep asking questions until you get to what the customer’s real objective is.

You can check out the whole video here:

What do you think of this sales tactic? Do you have other insight to find your customers’ needs? Comment down below!

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