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Enhance your SalesRabbit experience

Whether you’re already a SalesRabbit user or you’re considering it, we have something to improve anyone’s sales process. Our newest add-ons are featured here but we have more to choose from and exciting ones coming up for you. Check out these recent add-ons and how you can access even more of our great features today.

Newest Available Add-Ons

The features we offer connect directly to your SaleRabbit app so all of your sales solutions are kept in one convenient place.

  • Digital Contracts: Digital Contracts is a feature inspired to help you ditch messy paper contracts for a new seamless experience. With this feature all you need is a rechargeable device and a customer ready to close the deal—and the best part is, it’s easier than ever to use and available to everyone.
  • Movers: Too many companies don’t have a method for generating new homeowner leads. Their reps are wasting time with bad prospects, becoming discouraged, and leaving their company as a result. Our new Movers service delivers new mover leads directly to reps so that they can easily incorporate them into their daily work. This will increase close rates, lower rep dissatisfaction, and therefore lower rep churn. 
  • Weather: We now provide everything you need to find and close deals in areas where roofs or other property have experienced damage from wind or hail with our Weather feature. Our map overlays are generated seamlessly in the SalesRabbit app so you can quickly pull up storm data and go to high-opportunity areas without worrying about integrations.

Even More Features to Choose From

If these features interest you or you want to learn more about what SalesRabbit can do to give you a streamlined sales process get started now. Or to see all of the features we offer check them out here and schedule a free demo with our team. Keep an eye out for the new features we’ll be releasing soon!

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