Track Rep Data with Leaderboards

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Easily view your leaderboards on iOS

SalesRabbit’s in-app leaderboard puts you in the driver’s seat so you can measure, compare, and improve your reps’ performance in the field. Leaderboards are embedded in the iOS mobile app. This article walks iOS users on how to access this feature and why it’s an important stat to track. 

1) Click “More” within the lower legend.

2) Click “Leaderboards.”

3) You have the option to view Leaderboards based on “Overview” or “Standings.” 

Overview: Break down of office numbers & individuals listed underneath. Viewed based on “Level” – Reps individually, or Office numbers only (dependent on Leaderboards set up within the web app Settings).

4) To view the Office break down underneath “Overview,” Click the name of the office to populate the drop down view of reps.

Note: If reps are not assigned to an office on the web app, they will not appear within the Overview.

5) To adjust the date range, you may either choose specific dates based on “From Date” and “To Date,” or, you may choose from our “Quick Date” options.

A check mark will appear next to the applied selection. 

6) To view a breakdown of the statistics, click the “i” in the upper left hand corner. 

Note: “Overview” and “Standings” may have different stats applied to the Leaderboards.

Why Use a Leaderboard?

Using a leaderboard is a great way to track the progress of your reps and start friendly competition among reps for the top spot. Even offering incentives and rewards for getting the highest numbers for a month is a great way to make sure your reps are focused and that your business is profitable. 

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