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Top Success Tips From Gary Vee

Posted by brady | August 3, 2018

Canvassing Tips

When it comes to successful entrepreneurs, no one stands out quite as much as Gary Vaynerchuk (who goes by Gary Vee on social media). He’s a prime example of the self-made millionaire who got there through relentless pursuit. As the founder of VaynerMedia, a vlogger, and author, he has millions of dedicated followers who rely on his advice, including all of us here at SalesRabbit.

Not only is his success inspiring on its own, but he dedicates so much of his time to guiding and coaching other entrepreneurs. Here are some of our favorite Gary Vee success tips that can give you a positive mindset and boost your outbound sales.

Focus on the Consumer, Not the Competition

When you think too much about your competitors, it can intimidate you and boggle you down. It puts you in a never-ending rat race in which you are always trying to edge out the others. Gary Vee says that true success comes from focusing on your consumers instead.

“I am and always have been consumer-focused,” he says. “It’s because [the competition] doesn’t matter when you’re obsessed with the end consumer.”

Don’t lose sight of what’s truly important when you’re trying to get field sales. Rather than getting so worked up about your competition, turn your energy toward providing the consumer with value.

Never Stop Working

While your goal is to be successful, you shouldn’t forget about the importance of hard work even when you get there.

“I want the game. The game is my life,” says Gary Vee. “There will never be a moment to quit. There’s no dollar amount–nothing you can do to make me stop.”

You should always be looking for ways to improve yourself and your business, no matter how successful you get.

Age Doesn’t Matter

It’s a common belief that age is a determining factor in ability. However, Gary points out this isn’t the case.

“There are plenty of 22 and 24 and 26 year olds in my office right now that work harder and smarter than some of the 50 year olds I know,” he muses. “It’s just the truth and we are going to continue to see this trend adopted in the marketplace.”

If you’re young yourself, make sure you don’t underestimate yourself. If you have younger employees, be sure to empower them and help them be the best they can be. Investing in the young can pay the highest dividends.

Don’t Be Scared to Fail

Sometimes, the fear of failure can get the best of you. If you’re so scared to fail that it’s keeping you from trying new things and following your ambitions, you need to work on that.

“It’s the lack of fear of failing that has allowed me to make decisions so quick,” says Gary Vee. “If you never make a decision, or deliberate for too long, all the upside or potential opportunity could be lost.”

Failure is a natural part of the process. Learn to move past it and continue making your personal vision a reality.

Value Your Own Perspective

While it’s important to welcome input and feedback from others, you can’t rely on it completely. According to Gary, “You need to put yourself on your own pedestal and then start weighing the opinions of others proportionately to how you actually feel about yourself.” This doesn’t mean you should completely shut out the opinions of others. People will have valuable feedback about you and your efforts, but you have to give your own perspective an equal shot. Don’t demean your own thoughts and feelings.

Be Patient

One of the most helpful sales tips is learning how to be patient. Gary says, “Patience is practical. I push patience because I know life is long.” Reaching success takes a long time. Sometimes making sales takes awhile. Don’t give up. Remember that the game is long and you won’t always get where you want to be immediately.

Prioritize Yourself

Before you can truly help others, you have to take care of your own needs. According to the wise words of Gary Vee, “Being selfish is the gateway to selflessness.” Don’t underestimate the power of caring for yourself–it puts you in a better position to serve others.

Well, there you have it! These are some of the most amazing truth bombs from one of the most inspiring individuals out there. For more inspiration and sales tips, check out the rest of the SalesRabbit blog.

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