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Top 5 Sales Podcasts in 2020

Posted by Sean | January 31, 2020

Learn Sales Industry Secrets with these Top 5 Podcasts

Podcasts are extremely accessible. You can listen to them in the car, at work, or even while getting a workout in. Podcasts are a time efficient way to stay on top of your industry knowledge and to learn while you work. Here’s a small list of sales related podcasts that’ll give you valuable insights and increase your ability to sell. If you’re ready for some of the best sales advice (for free!) get listening now. 

#1 The Word with A Sales Guy

Podcast series from A Sales Guy, The Word, is a top rated podcast to learn facts and strategies for selling. It’s a live, bi-weekly dose of sales wisdom about the industry’s biggest, brightest, and most important names. Keenan, the on-air personality, gives you all the information, ideas, insights, and hacks to stay up-to-date with the ever-changing world of sales.

#2 Hey Salespeople with Jeremey Donovan

Hey Salespeople, a SalesLoft podcast with Jeremey Donovan, focuses on immediately actionable best practices for sales professionals. Donovan, the VP of sales strategy at SalesLoft, interviews some of the brightest minds in sales to give you insights to the industry. Big names like Trish Bertuzzi, Jeff Winters, Dan O’ Connell and more provide advice that’ll drive your passion and focus as you listen. If you have a passion for sales, but need advice on how to further your career, this podcast is for you.

#3 The Wolf’s Den with Jordan Belfort

Jordan Belfort, the self proclaimed “Wolf of Wall Street”, started a free podcast taking you inside The Wolf’s Den with top sales pros like Grant Cardone, Amanda Cerny, Brett Ratner and more. Not only do you get personal interviews with these influential people, you also have access to live videos of Belfort selling and motivation to get yourself out of rock bottom. Subscribe for free today to join the wolf pack.

#4 Sales Gravy with Jeb Blount

The host of Sales Gravy, Jeb Blount, is a noted author, speaker, and sales expert that delivers quick-tip advice with this podcast. Episodes are short, sweet and to the point. It’s perfect for a busy rep to get a snippet of advice in between doors or meetings. Use these tips to put some gravy on your sales game and reach peak performance faster than ever.

#5 Conversations with Women in Sales with Barb Giamanco

It’s important to acknowledge women in the sales industry. Conversations with Women in Sales, hosted by Barb Giamanco, is the best resource in the world for female sales professionals. Currently, it’s the only sales podcast completely dedicated to furthering the careers of saleswomen; with advice on communicating stronger, leading others, and paving the way for other women coming into the sales industry. Hopefully this #1 podcast of 2019 won’t be the last dedicated to women in sales. 

Get Started Now

It’s never too late to start using podcasts on the Apple Podcast app, Google Play or podcast apps, Youtube or Spotify for free. But if podcasts aren’t your thing, you can check out our blog about the Top 8 Books for Door-to-Door Sales.


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