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Announcing the “Rabbit Report”- The SalesRabbit Newsletter

Posted by scott.porter | March 15, 2018

Subscribe to our newsletter—The Rabbit Report!

We’ve made it a goal of ours to constantly provide sales teams with the resources that will best help them be successful at their job. That’s why we’re excited to announce the beginning of our company newsletter: “The Rabbit Report” This means you’ll get the latest industry insights, company news, and helpful content delivered straight to your inbox.

Enter our Contest

Since this is the first issue, we’re promoting it with a contest by giving away five $20 Amazon Gift Cards. To enter, simply promote the Rabbit Report on Facebook or LinkedIn by following these links: FacebookLinkedIn. After you’ve shared the links, (yes, you can enter once for each) simply send a screenshot of that share to promo@salesrabbit.com. We’ll randomly select 5 winners from those submissions!

We hope that the newsletter is a valuable resource for you, so contact us with your feedback as we get things rolling: Are we addressing the issues you’re dealing with in your work? Are we providing real solutions? Is this something you’d look forward to receiving each month or are we just filling your spam folder?

Subscribe today

If you want to make sure that you’re subscribed, click here (it’s free!). We’re also interested in guest bloggers that we can include in the Rabbit Report. Do you have a lot of experience in the field? Are you looking to start getting your name out there as an influencer? Reach out to us!

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