The Best Way to Confidently Track Sales Reps

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Manage your Reps with Insight and Confidence.

Reps always say they’re working hard, but sometimes the results simply don’t show it. Until now, companies have never had deep insight into what their reps were doing throughout the day. But by using our simple rep tracking system, you’ll be given more insight to what your reps do during a typical day and how you can help them increase sales. Rep tracking made simple.

The 3 top reasons why every company should use a tracking system

  1. See who is consistently working and who isn’t. That’ll help you know which reps deserve recognition.
  2. Get specific analytics. Find out how much time your rep spends in an area, how many doors were knocked, number of people talked to, etc. By using these analytics you can provide specific feedback to reps that are struggling out in the field, that’ll help boost their confidence and ability.
  3. Training purposes. Get live updates so you know the obstacles your team is running into at any given moment. With this, you can help them with issues while they’re in action. Which will be more effective than waiting until the opportunity to teach has passed.

It’s unbelievable to see the amount of change and growth a company will make when using a tracking system. When performance is measured, performance improves.

How our tracking system works

  • Track the time and place: See where reps have been during work hours with geo and time stamps for every active team member.
  • Easy visual tracking displays unique profile images for each rep. You can filter the results by team, rep, or date to isolate certain instances.
  • Have actionable insights with leaderboards and tracking to determine your top performers and the stragglers. When you know how your top reps manage an area, you can improve the results across the board by using them as an example.
  • Available offline. Even without service, tracking will be logged then synced as the user goes back online.

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