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SalesRabbit & Sunlight Financial — the perfect combo for outside sales reps.

Here at SalesRabbit we have one main objective: make life easy for outside sales teams. Every feature we build and every integration we forge has that purpose in mind. That’s why we’re beyond excited to announce our latest partnership: Sunlight Financial.

If you’re unfamiliar, Sunlight Financial is a leading provider of solar and home improvement loans. They make it easy for you to prequalify your customers and offer them a financing option for their solar or home improvement project. Sunlight Financial has built a strong reputation and has the resources and know-how necessary to help your team provide a strong solution for your customers.

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With this partnership, SalesRabbit and Sunlight Financial users will be able to automate yet another crucial step in the sales process by prequalifying customers on the porch.

Prequalification is a great way to streamline the canvassing process, and it’s also a great way to understand your lead pool. Prequalified customers close at a much higher percentage, so you know that they’re a much smarter place to spend your time.

If a customer isn’t qualified for financing, it’s better to know that early on in the process. Otherwise, you’re wasting time and resources trying to convert them into customers. It’s better to move on to profitable prospects.

That being said, Sunlight Financial provides flexible financing terms, so chances are high that they’re going to have a plan for all kinds of customer types and financial situations. Having that available on the porch is a great way to skyrocket your close rates and establish a strong customer relationship right out the gate.

The best news is that this will all be available within the SalesRabbit app. We’re bringing Sunlight’s amazing financing options to our mobile experience, so canvassers will have every tool they need to prospect, qualify, and close a deal in the home.

Want to learn more? Check out our Sunlight Financial integration page.

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