From SalesRabbit To You: Summer Sales Advice

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Make the most of your summer with these tips

The 2015 summer sales season is here and SalesRabbit wants to impart some advice to help you have a more successful summer. Before Sales Rabbit, we also spent summers knocking doors for multiple industries including: pest control, home automation/security and satellite. We know that summer sales success comes from following these steps. While this list is not all-encompassing, we know it will help you get into more homes to close sales.

Set a goal(s) and Write it Down

Before embarking on your summer sales adventure, set a goal(s) for yourself and write it down. Writing your goal down is essential to your success because a goal not on paper is merely a wish. Your goals needs to push you, but not be so unrealistic that if it’s not reached it devastates your morale. Put your goals in visible locations that will remind you of your purpose. Also view your goals before starting your day of knocking and carry a copy of your goals while knocking doors to keep you motivated.

Make Objectives

You set the lofty goal to sell 150 alarm contracts-now what? Make a list of at least four objectives to give you direction to accomplish that goal(s). Your objectives should be time-bound, specific, measurable and obtainable. If you want to sell 200 contracts your four objectives might look something like this: 1.) Knock 100 doors daily 2.) Ask for two referrals after each sale 3.) Work on different sales pitches 30 minutes each day 4.) Sell 12 contracts a week. Like your goal(s), these objectives need to push your capabilities but remain doable. Setting objectives will keep you focused during the sales season so you will hit your goal(s) of sales or installs.

Know Your Product

This seems obvious but you can’t underestimate how important it is to know every bit of your product. Remember, you as a sales rep will only sell a potential lead according to your knowledge. It is hard to sell someone on something you know little about. Establish a set time daily to study all the details of your product, learn about competitors products and reviews, and make detailed notes on what sets your product and company apart from competitors. The more you know, the more you can present to close a sale. Knowledge is power: especially in sales.

Make Your Pitch Stand Out

This goes hand in hand with knowing you product. Potential leads will hear several sales pitches from summer sales reps. It’s important to make your pitch standout by highlighting the competitive advantages of your product. Quickly determine the self-interests of each potential lead because speaking their self-interests leads to action. Your pitch will stand out if you can quickly communicate how your product solves their problems. Use Ryan Roche’s principles to help you master your sales pitch.

Get Organized

Don’t be the sales rep who scribbles notes on their hand or tries to remember everything without notes. Get yourself organized with a detailed notebook or planner. Being organized helps you remember important information and helps you look professional in front of leads. It is much easier to write information when it is fresh than trying to remember at the end of the day. Get in the habit of writing everything down now.

Don’t Give Up

Regardless of what you experience, remember your goal you set to achieve and don’t give up. The beautiful thing about sales is another promising opportunity awaits when one closes (we know, we have been there). Thomas Edison said, “Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try one more time.” Hard to argue with a true businessman who brought us innovations like the motion picture camera and electric light bulb.

We know these tried and tested tips will help you get into more homes so you can close sales. They worked for us and they will work for you. Sales Rabbit wishes all sales reps a safe and successful 2015 summer season!

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