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SOLO Integration

Posted by Sean Huckstep | September 17, 2019

Meet SOLO, the latest SalesRabbit integration.

We’re determined to make life easier for our customers. Usually, this means we need to complement other software services they use, and even find new solutions for them that they haven’t considered yet. As a result, our integrations library is continuously growing. And that’s good news!

We’re especially excited to announce our most recent integration, SOLO.

SOLO is a proposal tool for field sales reps in the roofing and solar industries. SOLO streamlines your sales process by allowing you to create dynamic, interactive and customizable proposals. That means your reps can provide a much more engaging presentation to their prospects. They can also close deals easier and faster, which leads to higher conversion rates for your sales reps.

The integration makes it easy to share information between SalesRabbit and SOLO, which means you can quickly populate proposals with SalesRabbit lead info. You can also send data the other way and update your SalesRabbit lead info with a SOLO proposal. With this integration, information stays consistent between your apps and on all your lead/customer records.

Bottom line: when you use SalesRabbit and SOLO together, you’ll be able to inspire more confidence in your customers and you’ll close deals quickly and reliably. That’s money in the bank.

Check out the rest of our integration library to view other great solutions like SOLO. If you’d like to learn more about our product, or are interested in integrating with us, you can talk to a rep or read more about our API.



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