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Set Up SalesRabbit & FillQuick Integration

Posted by Diana May-Jennings | June 25, 2021

Set up the SalesRabbit and FillQuick integration in 9 easy steps

FillQuick is a great CRM option for home security dealers. By connecting FillQuick to SalesRabbit you’ll be able to pass lead information through to FillQuick to help eliminate double inputting. Check out how you can enable this integration for your SalesRabbit account with these simple steps.

Fields that can be passed from SalesRabbit to FillQuick:

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Primary Phone
  • Email
  • Street Address
  • City
  • State
  • Zip*
  • Notes

*Accepts American and Canadian postal codes. 

 Integration Set Up

#1 Go to your FillQuick domain and login.

#2 Once logged in, click on “Leads” and then “New.” Copy the unique URL from the address bar of the internet browser. You will need this shortly.

#3 Open a separate tab on your web browser and log into app.salesrabbit.com. Click on Settings>Connectors

#4 Click on “Get Started” or “Add New.”  Paste the URL from FillQuick you copied earlier and add a “?” at the end.

  • Select “Web Connect”
  • Create a name for the connector. Something simple such as “FillQuick” is usually best
  • This is where you will paste the URL that you copied from FillQuick
  • Select “Required”

#5 Now you need to add more information to the URL to properly pass fields from SalesRabbit to QuickFill. In QuickFill, right click on a field box (such as the box by “Last Name”) and select “Inspect.”

#6 After clicking on inspect you will see a bunch of code on the right side of your browser window. In that highlighted code you’ll see “name=Lead.LastName” or the name of the field you inspected.

#7 Back in SalesRabbit, add on to the URL by typing in “LastName” from the FillQuick code and then “={lead.lastName}” from the SalesRabbit Formatting Headers. (You DO NOT need the full “Lead.LastName” from the FillQuick code, just “LastName”).

#8 Add the remaining matching fields. Between each pair needs to be an “&” symbol. A filled out connector to FillQuick would look something like this:

#9 Be sure to double check your URL for any extra spaces or typos! Even one mistake will cause the connector to not function properly. 

Set Up More Integrations

If you’re interested in using any of these powerful integrations, any and all of these integrations can be set up through our Help Center portal, the Integration Marketplace or by reaching out to your account CSM or support team at support@salesrabbit.com 801-418-9009.

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