SecurityTrax Integration Overview and Set Up

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An overview on setting up SecurityTrax Integration

If you’re interested in learning more about our integration with SecurityTrax and how you can use it to improve your sales process, keep reading.

SecurityTrax Overview

SecurityTrax is a Customer Relationship Management cloud-based platform that allows businesses to conveniently manage relationships with current and potential customers. Through SalesRabbit, they can easily track leads, create appointments, and submit contracts with billing information. SalesRabbit will securely push all the necessary information to SecurityTrax for the use of the company’s management.

SecurityTrax is a one way agreement sync from SalesRabbit to SecurityTrax.  This integration does not sync leads or customers, but customers may be imported into SalesRabbit via CSV file obtained from SecurityTrax.

SecurityTrax Competitive Advantage:

  • Proximity Based Scheduling
  • Equipment tracking across per individual as well as based on multiple locations
  • One-time or recurring payment options for customers
  • Pre-installation & Post-installations cautions preventing disruptions in installation 
  • Provides efficient workflow processes.
  • Ability to measure data based on sales vs installation dates 

The Power of the SalesRabbit Integration with SecurityTrax: 

  • Quickly fill contracts and obtain E-signatures from clients
  • Populates information from SalesRabbit Lead into the contract
  • Allows ability to measure data from incoming sales as well as customer chosen packages
  • Confidence for reps knowing that electronic contracts delivers credibility and professionalism
  • Ability to measure data based on sales vs installation dates
  • Eliminates the need for reps to ever log in to SecurityTrax with a focus to work on leads and sales

SecurityTrax Set Up

Now that you know how the SecurityTrax, SalesRabbit integration works, we’ll teach you how to set it up. Important information about SecurityTrax: we do not push leads by themselves, the lead information below passes with the Agreement which will require an iOS device to be integrated with SecurityTrax.  

Note: This ability to perform the integration is only available to Admin users in Sales Rabbit. This integration enables customer information to be inserted into SecurityTrax from SalesRabbit and connects those customers to their respective users in both systems.

Fields that are passed to SecurityTrax:

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Date of Birth
  • SSN
  • Address 1
  • Address 2
  • City, State, ZIP
  • Phone 1
  • Phone 2
  • Email
  • Lead Notes
  • Spouse
  • Lead Rep ID

Note: Other contract information, such as packages and equipment, will be displayed in SecurityTrax under “Notes.”

Part 1:

For the SecurityTrax integration, you will need to login into both SecurityTrax and the SalesRabbit Dashboard.

In SecurityTrax you will need to go under Administration>Content Management>Partnered Companies

Add a partnered company named SalesRabbit and check the boxes “Sells Customers” and “Sells Leads” then press save. Next to this new Partnered Company, there is an ID that will be used for Source ID.

In SalesRabbit you will need to go first to Integration. There you will input your Site Name (which is your company name in SecurityTrax. Note, this IS CASE SENSITIVE). Then your Source ID. Then click “Save” in the upper-right-hand corner of the page. 

Part 2:

Then go to Management>Users in SalesRabbit Web App (

Also, go to your employee section in SecurityTrax.

Click on an employee in SalesRabbit so that you are on the employee profile page. On the left side, there will be a section labeled Personal Information. Halfway down the section, there is a field called CMS ID’s. Just to the right of that field, you will see “Manage ID’s” in red. 

Click on the red “Manage ID’s” field and an input box will appear. Here you can add the employee number of that specific employee in SecurityTrax.

To get the employee number in SecurityTrax go to that same employee’s profile in SecurityTrax and retrieve that number.

Then put in the employee number in SalesRabbit and click “Add ID” and click “Close.” 

Repeat this process for all of your employees and then their data will sync between SecurityTrax and SalesRabbit. 

Keep Learning

If you’re interested in learning more about our integrations or SalesRabbit products, Schedule a demo to learn more about this feature. If you’re already a SalesRabbit user, login to our Help Center and get unlimited SalesRabbit resources.

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