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SalesRabbit Platform Updates | July 2023

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New Releases

Check out these new additions, tweaks, and updates to the SalesRabbit platform. Sign up for beta programs when available by following sign-up links below.

Proposals (Add-On)

SalesRabbit Proposals is the most integrated proposals tool, working with financing partners like GoodLeap and offering full support of Mosaic products. Also supports NEM 3.0 changes and integrates with DocuSign for a seamless experience from start to finish. A solar rep’s best friend.

Web App Visual and Performance Update

The SalesRabbit web app has been updated. Experience new front-end visuals and performance improvements. The new look is turned on by default with an option to switch back to the old interface if needed. You can expect a faster and more user-friendly interface.

PortalCX (Integration)

SalesRabbit’s integration with PortalCX allows your solar customers to stay in the loop. When a deal is closed, a portal is created, allowing customers to easily check on their project status.

Updated Integrations

Additional integrations have received regular updates for an improved user experience.

Upcoming Releases

Here’s what we have planned for the near future. Stay tuned for additional announcements.

Scheduler (Pro Plans & Above)

The setter/closer model is a popular method for handling sales, and you can now easily use the SalesRabbit platform to schedule appointments according to this standard. Simply pick the time, and schedule yourself or others into the appointment slot. Makes team management a breeze.

Interested in testing Scheduler before it’s live? Sign up for our Early Access Program.

Lead Disposition History

Adding the ability to simply and accurately disposition a lead multiple times with the same status for a complete sales activity history.

Bulk Postal Code Assignment

The Movers add-on is receiving an update that allows bulk postal code assignment to reps. Instead of assigning zip codes one at a time, you can now import multiple zip codes and assign each zip code to a single rep utilizing a spreadsheet for a more efficient experience.

Lead Import Tool

The lead import tool will be receiving an additional update to allow for custom fields. Contact customer support if you are interested in beta access.

Customer Locator

Easily locate customers and use marker pins within the SalesRabbit application. This feature will be supported by the public API.

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