SalesRabbit Lunch and Learn: US-Ghana Politics

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US Election: In the eyes of Ghanaians

Aliu Wahab, a SalesRabbit employee from northern Ghana, shares his thoughts and feelings on the recent US election. At SalesRabbit we make the time to learn about our employees’ histories and views on current events, this particular story is about how Ghanaians see and experience US elections. What many people don’t consider is that when Americans vote for the leaders of this country, we affect the entire world. Wahab discusses the political similarities between US and Ghana for those that aren’t familiar about how these politics interact every four years. 

US-Ghana Politics

In the US election, that takes place a month before Ghana’s, whichever respective party (Republicans vs. Democrats) wins in the US, that party also wins in Ghana. After Donald Trump won in 2017, Nana Akufo-Addo, the respective republican candidate took office in Ghana. 

US Parties:

  • Republicans
  • Democrats

Ghana Parties:

  • New Patriotic Party
  • National Democratic Congress

The most recent US election night had a lot of interest and media coverage in Ghana. It ended up being the most talked about event in Ghana’s social media as residents discussed the battle. Most of what’s trending in Ghana also trends in Nigeria, they all observe how our government operates and the choices we make, while giving their opinions.

“When You Vote, Think About the World”

There are so many benefits we provide to the people of Ghana when we intelligently select the newest President of our country. With the political relationship, America has ensured democracy in Ghana changing their lives for the better; they consider the US as a guard of their democracy, we provide them with political power. The election in Ghana will take place in two weeks and we’ll see if their current President, Nana Akufo-Addo, a member of the New Patriotic Party (Republican) stays in office with the US’ change to democracy.

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