SalesRabbit + Evolve Integration Overview and Set Up

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Set up your SalesRabbit integration with Evolve in 5 steps

Evolve software suite combines online and mobile applications that offer a wide range of features, including CRM, sales and estimating tools, smart scheduling, route management, mobile field service, customizable forms builder, integrated credit card processing and a customer portal. 

What does this integration do?

  • Create a Lead in Evolve
  • Update a Lead in Evolve

What data is transferred into Evolve?

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Phone Number
  • Alternate Phone
  • Mobile Phone Number
  • Email
  • Street Address
  • Apt/Suite
  • City
  • State
  • Postal Code

Integration Set Up

The following steps are required to setup the Evolve integration through the SalesRabbit Marketplace. Note: This integration is only available to customers on SalesRabbit’s Pro or Enterprise membership plans. Additionally administrative access is required in order to access API keys and other credentials/settings in configuring this integration.   

Part 1: Form Creation

#1 Create a New Form. Make a section called Contact Details and import the following Lead fields. 

Note: First Name, Last Name, Street Address, City, and Postal Code are required, the other fields are optional. 

#2 Turn on Custom Form Responses

#3 Click on “Publish” Button and confirm.

Part 2: Create Evolve Customer ID Field

#1 Go to SalesRabbit and login. On the left hand side, click “Settings”

#2 Next, click on “Custom Fields”

#3 Create a field called “Evolve Customer ID” and make sure the text matches the screenshot.

#4 Once that is done, add your new field to your form.

Part 3: Set Up Org ID’s

#1 First, you’ll need to contact Evolve to get your Branch ID’s.

#2 Once you have your Branch ID’s, Log into SalesRabbit and click on Settings and then Org Chart.

#3 If you haven’t already, create an Org for your team. Enter in the Branch ID, for each office or team that corresponds to its location, into the External ID field.

#4 Save the information.

Part 4: Get Client Secret

#1 Log into your Evolve account.

#2 Click on the profile Icon in the bottom left of the account. Then click “Reset API Secret”. It will generate the secret and copy it from spot 3 in the screenshot.

Part 5: Configure Evolve Integration

#1 Navigate to the Marketplace under “Integrations” (Must have admin access). Check out everything you need to know about our Marketplace here

#2 Select the Evolve Integration Card

#3 Navigate to the “Configuration” tab and click “Enable” 

#4 Select the form from the dropdown that you set up.

#5 Enter in your Client Secret from part 4.

#6 Click Finish.

Note: If you wish to disable or reconfigure this integration at any time you can do so by clicking “Disable” or “Reconfigure” respectively.  Additionally, if the integration is currently live you should see an “enabled” indicator on the integration. 

Your Evolve integration should now be live and allow you to create Leads in Evolve through form submission! If you have any issues or problems please reach out to support or your CSM for help configuring this integration. 

Set Up Your Integration Now

If you’re interested in using any of these powerful CRM’s, any and all of these integrations can be set up through our Help Center portal or by reaching out to your account CSM or support team at 801-418-9009. 

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