SalesRabbit Device Recommendations

User AvatarBrady Anderson

At SalesRabbit, we are constantly updating and improving our software to give you the best product we can. This also means that the software is using the latest and greatest in tech developments, so having the best user experience with our software requires using SalesRabbit on devices that are updated to support its various features. 

A lot of the issues that come through our support team are resolved by simply updating the operating system on your device or updating to the latest version of SalesRabbit. 

We support a wide range of devices, but for the best user experience, we strongly recommend following the device recommendations below.


Device Requirement: iOS 14+

*iOS 13 devices can still use the SalesRabbit app but will no longer receive new app updates.

Device Recommendation: 2GB+ RAM


Device Requirement: Android 8.0 (Oreo)+ (API level 26+)

Device Recommendation: 3GB+ RAM


Blog post updated January 10, 2023.
Please refer to the Help Center to verify the most recent requirements.

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